[MIK 2016] Ninware Introduced Kitchenware with Great Ideas and Design
[ Myungjin Shin 2016-07-21 ]  

Nineware introduced its original and eco-friendly kitchenware in MIK Conference & Networking Party in Grand Hyatt Hotel. It introduced kitchenware with unique looks that attracted people from all over the world.

MIK was prepared for the Korean companies with highly competitive edge in their technology but no partners or infrastructures to enter the global market. Ten foreign media from seven countries came to this event to publish news articles on the event. It was held along with a conference and networking party.

In the conference, Nineware introduced corn squirrel paddle plus for washing rice, Friends Fork, and foldable index cutting board.

The corn squirrel paddle plus is a paddle with holes to wash rice. It is made in squirrel shape so that it does not touch the surface. The paddle is double embossed so rice does not stick easily.

The paddle is made of eco-friendly PLA material from cornstarch. PLA is a material that is approved by Korea Food and Drug Safety and other international institutions as clean material. It is biodegradable, so it does not harm the environment.

The Friends Fork comes in many different colors and eight characters. The size became bigger, making it easier to enjoy fruits and dessert. It can be used as a stylish decoration item for parties. It is made of high-quality stainless 18-8 steel and silicon, giving pleasure to the ones who use it.

Cooknote Index Cutting Board is foldable, making a good usage of the space. The design motif came from a book, and because of its compatibility, it can be used for camping as well.

The cutting board can be stood upright for sanitary purposes, and the case has holes on the bottom, draining the water right away. It also has measurement and mincing functions, making it very useful.

CEO Park Cheol-su said, "More and more interests towards food are growing due to the influence from the media. More and more people have started cooking to make their own food. This is why kitchenware that can be used as smart items are making hits."

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♦ Foreign Medias in MIK 2016

• Xinhuanet - Cultural newspaper that deals with Korea-China cultural exchange and Chinese stars
• Yesky - China's well-known IT media
• Vietnam Plus - Vietnam's most comprehensive news website
• Female Daily - Indonesia's best online beauty portal
• Arctic Startup - Finland's online startup media
• Pronews - Japan's professional video industry web magazine
• TechnoBuffalo - The US's IT and mobile online media
• The Rakyat Post - Malaysia's English-run media covering the news from worldwide
• Drone.JP - Japan's video and camera media that provides diverse information about drones
• Fashion Wind - Media in China that specializes in textile and fashion


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