Personal LED Light Therapy to Aid Weight Loss: "Smartron", Manufactured by AinA
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AinA is a company located in Daegu that specializes in healthcare. AinA uses their LED technology to develop and manufacture various healthcare products. By constructing a global network, the company is actively aiming to expand their list of exporting countries. AinA has received the Grand Prize for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Award, along with reaching their3 million USD worth of exports in 2015.

AinA's Smartron was developed under the Korean government via R&D support. Smartron uses low frequency and infrared rays to help alleviate muscular pain. This personalized total system was based on alternative medicine and IT technology; Smartron combines the MERIDIAN PULSE technology and LED LIGHT system to stimulate the user's hands and feet, thus promoting blood circulation, muscle strengthening, muscle pain alleviation, and deconstructing fat. By wearing an abdominal belt, the LED light penetrates to the epidermis of the user's skin, therefore deconstructing cellulites and rejuvenating cells.

Smartron was designed to be light and portable, by improving upon the negatives of bulky, heavy medical devices. The instructions are easy and clear to follow for any users. Smarton had the honor of winning Gold on Seoul International Invention Fair, Malaysia International Invention fair, and Taiwan International Invention fair—thus triple-crowning in all three major invention fairs.

As many diseases are on the rise with aging population and unhealthy habits, Smartron is gaining public attention as a personal health managing device. AinA's another LED product, Duore SUN, has been getting positive review as a personalized skin care device, making significant sales.

AinA is currently exporting to 15 countries in Asian, European, and American regions. Lately, AinA has established a contract with Taiwan's APAR Group; the company also has reserved exports for Japan and America. AinA is planning to attend as many medical trade shows as possible to meet potential buyers from foreign companies to work towards expanding exports.

AinA's Vice President, Dong-Oh Chung, has announced that "In this age where people are living up to 100 years of age, AinA hopes to aide everyone to fully, healthily live their lives via our company's technology and service."

Translated by Ashley Gamin Kim

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