YES-IMPLANT, a Manufacturer for Implant Abutments That Resists Loosening
[ hocheol lee 2016-06-14 ]  

YES-IMPLANT is a company founded in 2011. Although it has a short company history, YES-IMPLANT had an outstanding technology and products—thus getting recognized by the public in only a few years. They have recently established a contract to export their products to other parts of the world, such as China, Taiwan and many other EU countries, thus getting recognized as one of the smaller-scale major companies that export domestic products in Korea. YES-IMPLANT has a diverse product line, and is currently exporting their products over 32 countries. The highlighted product, Submerged Type, has been praised to be groundbreaking in domestic trade shows in Korea. YES-IMPLANT also operates dental technical lab, providing their customers with a total solution for Implants.

YES-IMPLANT manufactures different lines of products, such as Submerged System, External Type System, Internal Type System, O-Type System, and Sangakdong-Sinus Drill. All systems come with screws and abutments.  The abutment, as mentioned above, comes with a resistive technology to prevent the screws from loosening. YES-IMPLANT has various patents on products such as bridge, uniform implants, denture fixtures, implant fixtures, abutment, and Sangakdong-Implant Drills.

YES-IMPLANT will expand their production line and also move their company headquarters to expand in size. They are striving to be the standard of all dental implants through their excellence in customer service, employee training, feedbacks from the customer, along with their R&D investments.

Translated by Ashley Gamin Kim

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