SEMYUNG Biotech's Ultraviolet Radiation Skin Therapy Lamps for Skin Disease Treatment
[ hocheol lee 2016-06-14 ]  

SEMYUNG Biotech was founded in 2013, and the company has been manufacturing UV ray skin therapy lamps. In 2002, they started as a simple UV-B lamp research, up until now where they have patents for their technology in Korea, and product certificates in countries like China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand.

SEMYUNG uses a UV-B ray, which only penetrates the skin by 280 – 320nm, thus providing vitamin D needed for human body, compared to the UV-A ray penetrating the skin at 320 – 400nm, which harms the skin and quickens the aging of the skin.

Vitamin D is essential when body is trying to absorb calcium. If there's a lack of vitamin D, it causes hormones to be irregularly distributed, quickening the age to start menstruation for girls, increasing the dangers of type one diabetes, and increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

UV-B rays cannot enter through the window, thus making it harder for people to get enough vitamin D in the winter or spring when there's less sunlight. SEMYUNG's Ultraviolet Radiation Skin Therapy Lamps, PANOS KPA-01 and 02, can shoot UV-B rays continuously—and with its easy interaction, the user can easily use the lamp without any specialized supervision over the treatment. It also comes at an affordable price.

SEMYUNG Biotech is increasing its publicity through trade shows and has contracts with U.S., China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Bulgaria, and Sri Lanka.

Translated by Ashley Gamin Kim

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