MEDIPIA E&C, Consulting Company for Hospitals, Manufacturing Company for Medical Devices
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MEDIPIA E&C is a company specializing in consulting for domestic hospitals in Korea, and manufacturing medical devices. They have the major networks in Seoul and Gyeonggi, along with branches in 8 regions of Korea: Chungnam,  Daejeon, Daegu, Busan, Gyeongnam, Gangwon-do, Jeolla-do and Gwangju. They also have overseas branch in Kazakhstan and Malaysia.

MEDIPIA E&C is currently manufacturing medical devices such as "Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizer,"  "u-Vital System," and "Vitamin D3 Activating Ultraviolet Lamp." The Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizer gently sterilizes medical devices, since most are sensitive to high temperatures, high pressures, and humidity. Inside the sterilizer is made into a vacuum state—then the sterilizer uses hydrogen peroxide to sterilize harmful bacteria and foreign materials. On the other hand, u-Vital system monitors the important stats of the patient in emergency rooms and operating rooms. Using a smart device, the medical staff can get the exact information they need to proceed with the right treatment. Lastly, the ultraviolet lamp is used to kill harmful bacteria on the user's skin, along with increasing the amount of vitamin D3 to increase the immunity.

MEDIPIA E&C also works with other domestic hospitals as a consultant, to assist with tasks like building management, hospital expansion, equipment management and more. MEDIPIA E&C has assisted in establishing a Kazakhstan hospital last year in 2015, along with getting an MOU agreement with the state of Kazakhstan to train Kazakhstan medical staff in Korea.

MEDIPIA E&C will start including water therapy treatment rooms as one of the options for the hospitals to choose from. This will include "Su" treatment, which will be used as a hydro-physical therapy, spa rooms, water aerobics, et cetera.

MEDIPIA E&C has announced that they will strive to be the company to impress the customers, with quality products, constant customer feedback, research and development that fit the customers' needs, and diligence.

Translated by Ashley Gamin Kim

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