[2015 This Year's Products Video] 'FALKE' Captured Customer's Mind With Superior Quality and 100-year-old History
[ Julie, Son 2015-12-16 ]  

FALKE(www.falke.co.kr) won the prize in fashion from 'VIP(Very Important Product) ASIA AWARD 2015' which selects and awards spotlighted Asian products of this year.

FALKE presented a variety of sports lines like socks, inner wear, running wear and etc.

FALKE was founded in 1895, German and has more than 100 years of history. It was succeeded by four generations and runs more than 1,500 shops in 40 nations of the world. FALKE shows clothes and socks which has a high quality and modern design, adding abundant knowhow which was accumulated for a long time and superior technology.

As a premium brand, more than 3,000 employees, who have professional knowledge and experience, make masterpieces to maintain the high quality and to please the customers. With this effort, FALKE made a record that repurchase rate reaches more than 96% for straight 10 years in the European market.

FALKE is divided into four product groups which is women, men, children and sports. FALKE ERGONOMIC SPORT SYSTEM consists of outdoor, running, ski, snow board, golf, tennis, bike, fitness and etc. and it is especially optimized to the sports. They are all functional products and officially supplied to German and Austria team so that FALKE was interested in public.

Socks line provides comforts in the stress zone of feet with a pediform kintting technology, toe cushion, ball of foot cushion, air channel, ankle cushion and etc, harmonizing with sports-specialized technology. Functional clothing and inner wear line provides ultralight, ventilation, quick-drying, flexibility, insulation, decreasing of fatigue, antibacterial function and etc. It is feature that customers can feel comfortable with FALKE's shoes because of seamless knitting technology.

FALKE can be found in Myeongdong Lotte department store, David Collection, Jamsil Lotte World Tower, Cheongdam Fashion Shock luxury goods store, Fitness Square in Jamsil Lotte department store, Fitness Square in Yeongdeungpo Lotte department store.

(Picture description: David Lee, CEO of FALKE, is on the photo session after winning his prize.)

(Picture description: A panoramic view of 'VIP Asia Awards 2015' event hall)

'VIP ASIA Awards 2015', an awards ceremony that recognizes 100 brands that have brought honor to Asia, was held in the Grand Ballroom at Grand Hyatt Hotel on November 25. Two hundred guests, including those from award-winning companies and related officials, participated in the event.

In particular, this year, the event prepared a video documentary to celebrate the 10th anniversary. The documentary received much attention by delivering on the mega-trends of the global market and keen strategy and know-how of advancing into foreign markets, which were gathered by reports worldwide in the past decade.

Furthermore, foreign press in partnership with AVING News visited the event and had interviews with participating companies. After the awards ceremony, they conducted in-depth reports and reported them across the Asian region at 'After Press Media Day'.

'VIP ASIA Awards' is an awards ceremony that selects products originating in Asia that can lead the way in global history, culture, and economy -- all the while giving value to the Asian region. The purpose of the event is to pass down the value to future generations. Each year, the event has selected 100 products, people, promotions, and places that will bring and has brought honor to Asia in the last 10 years. The event acts as a bridge for domestic companies' overseas expansion through the simultaneous reporting of news in English and Chinese.

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♦ This year's invited foreign media in partnership with AVING News

• XINHUANET – media organization that specializes in Korea-China exchange and Chinese culture and celebrities
• YESKY - an influential IT media organization in China
• VIETNAM PLUS - Vietnam's best comprehensive news site
• FEMALEDAILY - Indonesia's best online beauty portal
• MOMMIESDAILY - Indonesia's best online childcare portal
• YOUR STORY - India's No. 1 startup media organization

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by Julie, Son (www.aving.net)

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