Launch of Stereoscopic Responsive Hologram DID 'CUBICO'
[ Julie, Son 2015-11-24 ]  

SENZON (CEO Yoon Du-seok,, a smart content developer, has launched its responsive hologram DID "CUBICO". The product improves upon the disadvantages of quasi-holograms.

What makes the product look so attractive at exhibitions is the DID (digital information display). In particular, holograms have emerged as popular items in the next-generation DID market. However, most holograms currently used in the DID industry are quasi-holograms, generating projected images onto a trans-reflective screen. Existing quasi-holograms show products in 3D, but due to the scattering effect, they cannot be effectively delivered.

In order to overcome the limitations of existing hologram DID technology, SENZON has developed a next-generation DID, combining holograms and transparent displays. Clear holograms in 3D can be implemented by using "CUBICO". The products' information can be shown on a transparent display simultaneously.

Furthermore, "CUBICO" can generate holograms that are responsive to hand movements, and customers can directly select and play contents via a touch display. For example, when a cosmetic product is displayed by using "CUBICO", customers can choose the content that matches their skin type, and watch convergence contents via holograms and a transparent display.

SENZON acquired a patent for the implementation and acquisition of a convergence display that combines holograms and a transparent display. SENZON stated: "'CUBICO' is a convergence DID, but its competitive price is nearly the same as that of a single hologram DID."
It added: "Our product surpasses existing DID in application and information delivery."

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