Launch of World's First 360-Degree Multi-Angle Cam 'Turnble'
[ Julie, Son 2015-10-29 ]  

Arc interactive (CEO Song Heon-ju, has launched the professional version of the 360-degree multi-angle cam "Turnble", which can record multi-view videos in real time. The company opened an era in which anyone can easily capture and play multi-view videos by using such a product from a domestic company.

Multi-view videos can be easily understood when people watch a famous scene from the film "The Matrix", a very popular movie released in 1999. For the actor Keanu Reeves' dodging bullets scene, more than 120 cameras were used at the same time to record it. This is called flow motion, and after this, imaging techniques were completely changed.

By using Arc interactive's "Turnble", ordinary people can simply create 360-degree multi-angle videos in little time and without much manpower and equipment. All they need is a mini "Turnble" camera and a monitor. When at least three "Turnble" cameras are installed, the captured images from various angles are edited in real time and shown on the monitor. The camera is capable of over 60fps video recording in HD resolution. The product will be sold on online markets, enabling easy installation and recording of multi-view videos.

Arc interactive has received positive reviews for its "NthViewer", a multi-angle video viewer. The newly launched "Turnble" for professionals is a combined platform with "NthViewer" and a multi-view camera.

Multi-view videos will be utilized more often in various fields, including golf, position correction for athletes, fashion, shopping, and entertainment videos. Incidentally, Arc interactive first applied "Turnble" to golf-position correction. When people record their swings with the camera, they can check their forms in real time at various angles. Since all of the details cannot be picked up by the naked eye, this product is useful for correcting forms of athletes. In order to provide even more detail, the company is developing a slow-motion function.

Last October, for the first time to the general public, Arc interactive showcased the "Turnble" form-correction system at "Hankyung Golf Show 2015". Arc interactive CEO Song Heon-ju said: "As correct forms are incredibly important in golf, we have been receiving much attention from golfers. Later, we will utilize "Turnble" at indoor golf clubs."

Check out the demonstration video of 'Turnble' golf form correction

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