Speedbounce, Aurora Lite Bank's New Compact-size Diffuser with a Full-size Effect 2014-12-20
Thanks to the ever-increasing demand for better lights when people tak
Sparkling motion control MP3 player "Yepp YP-S1" 2010-07-12
Review for Samsung's motion control MP3 player "Yepp YP-S1"
'Samsung YP-RB', a Multi-Set not Optional but Required 2010-06-02
The target product in this review is 'Samsung YP-RB', a multi-type MP3
Cowon has released its latest mp3 player 'COWON J3' in Korea market, which boasts a 3.3-inch AMOLED capacitive touch panel display that spreads 16 million colors.
The camera bag I will introduce has the aforementioned attractive qualities. "Wisent", a classic, high-end leather bag of Ciesta,
On Feb. 17, the Olympus's third Micro Four Thirds type hybrid DSLR, 'PEN E-PL1' was introduced to Korea at Chosun Hotel in Sogong-dong.
'HEADTIME' released by KINATECH Co., Ltd. is a scalp massager for students complaining about tension headaches caused by stress or fatigue, housewives, or office workers with frequent fatigue as well as those who have alopecia.
Enfren introduce its health care product 'Therapy Station(LTK-2000)' which is effective in relieving stresses, improving insomnia, melancholia and enhancing concentration by using sound, light, aroma and anion.
Nikon has released its latest DSLR 'D300S' with HD movie capability in Korea market.
Enfren LTK-1500 is a free-style LED stand, and it can change the style of lighting as you want.
Couple look, military look, vintage look, hippie look, ripple look••• Ripple look? The meaning of '~ look' is a detailed category of fashion, which symbolizes a certain trend or fashion. But what if this ~ Look is applied in PCs?
FineDigital has presented its upgraded speech recognition-enabled navigation device 'FineDrive Voice 3.0' in Korea market.
ENMOTU introduced its mobile projector 'Motuview' in Korea market, which can show images and videos in the size from 7- to 60-inch.
Reigncom has released its portable Wi-Fi phone 'iriver wave phone' in Korea market, which features various multimedia functions.
Cowon has presented its latest PMP 'P5' in Korea market.
Averatec brand has formally entered the netbook personal computer market. TG Sambo has released its 10.2-inch Atom-based netbook 'Averatec Buddy(model: HS-100)' in Korea market.
DSFT has launched its 3.5-inch multi-media player 'DM4-T2' in Korea market.
Toshiba has presented its all-in-one laptop 'Satellited A300' offering mobility, power and performance with a cutting edge graphics card in Korea market.
EASYCAR has presented its low-end DMB navigation device 'Easycar U7' in Korea market, which is available for around $100.
Wacom has released its new high-end tablet 'Cintiq 12WX' in Korea market, which features a 12.1-inch LCD panel.

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