[CES 2021 All Digital] If APPLE would present perfume on CES 2021 it would look like this! 2021-01-15
NINU's mission is to give vibrance (and new dimensions) to users' ever
[CES 2021 All Digital] Zeos Global Named As CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree 2021-01-15
Zeos Global today announced that it has been named a CES® 2021 Innovat
[CES 2021 All Digital] Seoul Semiconductor and Seoul Viosys Introduce Four Application Solutions Applied the World's First LED Technologies at CES 2021 2021-01-14
Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. ("Seoul") (KOSDAQ 046890) and Seoul Vios
[CES 2021 All Digital] JASHEN announces the official launch of three n 2021-01-14
JASHEN, un innovateur de premier plan dans le domaine des tâches ménagères, a annoncé le lancement de trois nouveaux modèles d'aspirateurs intelligents lors du premier CES 2021 entièrement en ligne le 11 janvier. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] Moorebot Launches the Compact Autonomous Scout 2021-01-14
Moorebot, https://www.moorebot.com, the maker of cool robot applications like the Hubble HUGO Baby Cam and the ZEUS fighting robot, today announced the new Scout robot. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] Uk-Based Telecommunications Company Binatone De 2021-01-14
Binatone, the leading global manufacturer of innovative, smart home and consumer electronic devices since 1958 has announced that their revolutionary MaskFone, will be introduced to press and tech aficionados at this year's digital CES conference. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] REIWA Engine, the Sicilian start-up challenges 2021-01-14
SandStorm is the robot of primates and it was invented by a Sicilian engineer, Salvatore Occhipinti, together with the team of the start-up REIWA Engine. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] Xenoma's CES Exhibit to Showcase 'e-skin EMStyl 2021-01-13
At CES® 2021 (Jan. 11-14), Xenoma Inc., a Tokyo-based smart apparel startup, will showcase "e-skin EMStyle Professional," the electrical muscle stimulation suit that enables fitness trainers to send individualized levels of stimulation. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] Lify Wellness to launch the new 'DIY Consumer H 2021-01-13
Recently nominated as one of "11 Innovative Wellness Startups To Watch In 2020" and the most promising investment opportunities, Lify Wellness is a multiple-award-winning wellness beverage solution, helping busy city dwellers achieve different wellness goals with ease. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] Paronym's CES Exhibit to Showcase 'TIG Live,' I 2021-01-13
A Tokyo-based video technology startup, will showcase 'TIG Live,' the augmented streaming video service that enables retailers to offer an in-store-like shopping experience for viewers watching their live streaming sale event. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] Anycubic Showcases the Mega SE 3D Printer and W 2021-01-13
Anycubic, a leading 3D printer brand, is showcasing its new Mega SE and Wash & Cure Plus models at CES 2021, which will be available in May. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] Anura™, World's first app allowing for contactl 2021-01-13
Toronto-based tech firm, NuraLogix, will be showcasing the groundbreaking app Anura™ at CES 2021. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] D-Link 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet Solutions Raise the 2021-01-13
At the Consumer Electronics Show today, D-Link announces their USB-C to 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (DUB-E250), the market's smallest 2.5G adapter solution. 
Gyeonggi Contents Agency holds CES 2021 online video conference... Sup 2021-01-13
Gyeonggi Contents Agency (Director Song Gyeong-hee) held the CES 2021 Online Video Conference for four days from January 11 (Mon) to 14 (Thu) at the International Conference Hall of the Gyeonggi Center . 
[CES 2021 All Digital] Shark Tank Featured Product, BenjiLock, Will Un 2021-01-13
BenjiLock, the world's first traditional padlock with fingerprint technology, took the world by storm in 2017, receiving the innovation award at CES and winning over Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary as an investor. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] Lenovo Introduces the ThinkReality A3 — The Mos 2021-01-13
During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES®), Lenovo™ introduced the ThinkReality™ A3 lightweight smart glasses. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] South Korea's Hancom Group to Participate at th 2021-01-13
Hancom Group, a leader in creating game-changing technology ecosystems has announced that it will participate in the All Digital CES 2021 held from Jan. 11 to 14. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] AI gives you a chance to prevent Alzheimer's De 2021-01-13
AI brain mapping with EEG discovered Alzheimer's brainwave and could detect preclinical Alzheimer's dementia(AD). This has been enabled by an innovative AI technology of iMediSync in brain mapping. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] Smart Mimic will be introducing updates to its 2021-01-13
Smart Mimic, a Silicon Valley company that crafts devices for personal safety and security-on-the-go just announced a refresh of their product line for 2021 - the delightfully engineered, sensor laden, intelligent Mimic GO and its companion, the groundbreaking Mimic Track. 
Seoul Metropolitan Government attracts PnP branch of a global investme 2021-01-12
The Seoul Digital Foundation (Weonmok Lee, President of Seoul Digital Foundation and CIO of SMG) announced that its own programs including LIVE CES are receiving great interest at home and abroad. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] Panasonic Unveils True Wireless Wi-Fi Camera to 2021-01-12
At CES 2021, Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America (Panasonic Automotive), a tier one global automotive supplier, announces its first fully wireless Wi-Fi camera, offering convenience, durability, and increased ease for recreational hauling. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] The futuristic ARMA G1 secure messenger is prem 2021-01-12
ARMA Instruments is an exhibitor at CES2021. We are premiering the ARMA G1 Secure Communicator, a futuristic Top Secret security level mobile device. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] Collaboration Beyond Expectations, HP's Elite D 2021-01-12
The way we work and where it happens has elevated the need for technology that keeps us productive and collaborative. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] Kyocera unveils duraforce ultra 5G Uw, First Ul 2021-01-12
Kyocera unveiled its first 5G ultra-rugged Android smartphone today, DuraForce Ultra 5G UW, which delivers ultra-durability, ultra-fast speeds and ultra-low latency on the Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband (UW) network. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] Cubios Inc., the creator of the WOWCube ® Enter 2021-01-12
The WOWCube ® entertainment system is a one-of-a-kind device in the shape of a cube made of 8 separate cubicle modules connected to each other. 
U.S. Tech Industry Revenue to Jump 4.3% in 2021 After Record Year in 2 2021-01-12
The retail sales revenue for the technology industry will reach $461 billion in the U.S. in 2021 – a 4.3% increase year-over-year – according to a new report by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®. 
NAMUTECH unveils Smart DX Solution at CES 2021 2021-01-12
NAMUTECH (CEO Chul Jung) showcased Smart DX Solution, its digital transformation product line, to Korea and the global market at CES 2021. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] Mando Corporation introduced the new vision of 2021-01-12
"Freedom in Mobility" as #Freedom of Space, #Smart Delivery, #Autonomous Driving, etc. Connecting the mobility with people through 'Electric Hyperconnectivity' (X-by-Wire, SPM Module) 
[CES 2021 All Digital] New Hair Dryer from Panasonic Features Oscillat 2021-01-12
Today at CES 2021, Panasonic announced the upcoming release of the new Panasonic nanoe™ Hair Dryer (EH-NA67-W), furthering the brand's more than 80-years of hair dryer evolution. 
[CES 2021 All Digital] KOHLER Expands Smart Home Collection at CES 202 2021-01-12
Kohler introduces four new products during the first-ever virtual CES: Stillness Bath, Innate Intelligent Toilet, Touchless Bathroom Faucet collection, and two new products emerging from 
[CES 2021 All Digital] Glissner To Debut CleanPhone Technology At CES 2021-01-12
UV-C light technology delivers a delightful and completely touchless phone sanitization experience in 20 seconds, kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria 
[CES 2021 All Digital] FCA at CES 2021: An Interactive Tour of Technol 2021-01-12
Three-dimensional product tours and videos related to FCA's technology and innovation 
[CES 2021 All Digital] AXLOIE Will Bring New True Wireless Sport Earbu 2021-01-12
CES 2021 will be held digitally from January 11-14. The global audio brand AXLOIE will join the word's largest tech show, planning to introduce more Bluetooth sport headphones to users. 
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