KHIDI supports six health industry startups in response to the post-COVID era 2021-02-22
The general public, the industry, and the medical community all predic
[MWC Shanghai 2021] GSMA Reveals Shortlist for 2021 Asia Mobile Awards 2021-02-18
The GSMA announced this week the shortlist of nominees for the 2021 As
[MWC Shanghai 2021] Statement on MWC Shanghai 2021-02-18
MWC21 Shanghai is a celebration of resilience and resolve. It provides
DMB receiver with 7 inch TFT-LCD for vehicle 2005-09-09
INNOACE presents its new model, IDC-2100, all-in-one DMB receiver with 7 inch TFT-LCD and set-top box 
T-net, wine color slim keyboard with a cover 2005-09-09
TK-203 employs a stylish design with wine color, which is distinctive among mostly black and white colored keyboards. The cover attached helps to keep the keyboard clean from dirty stuff 
IOCELL, ‘Cell Disk’ with USB drive open platform built inside 2005-09-09
IOCELL presents its new product ‘Cell Disk’ which incorporated USB drive open platform ‘The C2’ at the same time as the announcement of ‘The C2’ 
The embodiment of classic stories on the dinner tables 2005-09-09
15 splendid story tables are decorated in the tradition of Korea, using modern textures such as glass, acryl, and plastic 
‘Color is Everything’, Color EXPO 2005 2005-09-09
Rainbow Color Park is surely one of the most fascinating places to visit at Color EXPO 2005 
Color EXPO 2005 in Korea 2005-09-09
Color EXPO 2005 is now being held under the auspices of Korea Society of Color Studies from September 7th to September 11th in Korea 
아이오셀, ‘The C2’ 플랫폼 기반의 ‘셀디스크’ 선보여 2005-09-08
휴대용 저장장치 전문기업 (주)아이오셀은 지난 7일, ‘USB’를 단순한 저장장치의 개념을 넘어 컨텐츠, 통신, 게임, 영상, 온라인결제 등과 연계할 수 있는 USB 드라이브 오픈 플랫폼인 ‘The C2’를 발표하고, 동시에 ‘The C2’ 플랫폼 기반의 ‘셀디스크(Cell Disk)’를 선보였다. 
IOCELL, ‘The C2’ the world’s first USB drive open platform 2005-09-08
IOCELL Corporation, a Korean company specializing in mobile storage devices, has launched a USB drive Open Platform ‘The C2’ as the very first in the world 
Cresyn, strap-type inner earphone 2005-09-08
Cresyn has announced that it plans to release its new earphone ‘LMX-E630SN’ in last September 
KuKil Hitech , Anionic mouse pad 2005-09-08
KuKil Hitech has introduced a new ‘KeSPA anionic mouse pad’ 
Samhongtech, a bidet for children 2005-09-08
Samhongtech presents a new bidet ‘USPA UB-100’ in September. It is designed particularly for children and helps them to learn good etiquette in bathroom 
Enustech, Bluetooth Access Point STAP-1000 2005-09-08
Enustech has introduced a Bluetooth device, which connect Bluetooth cell phone to PSTN 
Dvico, 2.5 inch portable Dvix player ‘Tvix mini-C2000U’ 2005-09-08
Dvico has introduced a new portable digital juke box ‘Tvix mini-C2000U’ which employs 2.5 inch hard disc and OTG functionality 
디비코, 이동성을 강화한 2.5인치 디빅스 플레이어 ‘티빅스미니’ 2005-09-08
디비코는 기존 티빅스에 이동성을 강화한 2.5인치 하드디스크형의 모바일 멀티미디어 주크박스 ‘티빅스 Mini C-2000U’를 선보였다. 
USB device which enables you to use internet phone 2005-09-07
It’s a USB device which makes possible to use internet phone with your own cell phone through PC within 50m 
RS Eletek, inner earphone SHOPIN 2005-09-07
RS Eletek has introduced a new inner earphone, SHOPIN 
아이오셀, 세계 최초로 USB 드라이브 플랫폼, ‘The C2’ 출시 2005-09-07
휴대용 저장장치 전문업체인 (주)아이오셀이 세계 최초로 USB 드라이브 오픈 플랫폼인 `The C2'를 개발, 공식 출시한다고 7일 밝혔다. 
Anyusernet, USB memory stick-type internet phone 2005-09-06
Anyusernet introduced a USB memory stick-type internet phone, ‘ImPhone’. 
Samsung Electronics, telematics DMB device at IFA 2005 2005-09-05
Samsung Electronics introduced its new telematics DMB device at IFA 2005 in German as the very first in the world 
Philips, magic mirror for a baby 2005-09-05
Philips introduced a magic mirror for a baby 
Portable digital translator, magic talkers 'Global Talk' 2005-09-05
Eintech Co., Ltd has announced that it plans to release its new model, ‘LM-407 Global Talk’ in October. 
Wanna sit? 2005-09-05
If you visit ‘2005 Korean exhibition of international furniture & interior decorations' held in KINTX, you can find a weird looking (?) chair. 
Internet phone with color LCD screen 2005-09-05
Seetalk communications introduced its new model, ‘CIP-5300’. It is an internet phone with 3.5 inch color LCD screen, so it’s particularly attractive device for those who have a family overseas or use sign language. 
Yujin Robotics, an intelligent cleaning robot ‘iclebo Q’ 2005-09-02
Yujin Robotics presents a new model, ‘iclebo Q’, an intelligent cleaning robot 
180-degree rotating fireplace ‘Trias’ 2005-09-02
Samjinfire presents a German Spartherm fireplace ‘Trias’. Since it is 180-degree rotating, you can readily change the direction according to your location. 
Optoma, all-in-one DLP projector ‘Movie Time' 2005-09-02
Optoma presents all-in-one DLP projector ‘Movie Time’, which combines home cinema projector with DVD player. 
Dvico, two digital juke box 2005-09-02
Dvico has released two new digital juke box, ‘Tvix HD M-5000U’ and ‘Tvix mini-C2000U’ 
디비코, 디지털 주크박스 신제품 2종 발표 2005-09-01
미디어 플레이어 전문기업인 디비코㈜는 9월 1일 차세대 디지털주크박스 ‘티빅스 HD M-5000U’와, 2.5인치 하드디스크를 내장한 ‘티빅스 Mini C-2000U’를 소공동 조선호텔에서 열린 신제품 발표회에서 선보였다. 
Wireless Engineering Inc, Bluetooth keyboard with the imbedded trackba 2005-09-01
Wireless Engineering Inc. presents Bluetooth keyboard with the imbedded trackball. 
Pantech & Curitel, autonomous GPS chip built inside 2005-09-01
Pantech & Curitel has announced that it plans to release a two-way semi-auto swing phone in September. 
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