[CES 2021 All Digital] If APPLE would present perfume on CES 2021 it would look like this! 2021-01-15
NINU's mission is to give vibrance (and new dimensions) to users' ever
[CES 2021 All Digital] Zeos Global Named As CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree 2021-01-15
Zeos Global today announced that it has been named a CES® 2021 Innovat
[CES 2021 All Digital] Seoul Semiconductor and Seoul Viosys Introduce Four Application Solutions Applied the World's First LED Technologies at CES 2021 2021-01-14
Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. ("Seoul") (KOSDAQ 046890) and Seoul Vios
Which do you prefer? Navigation or DMB? 2005-10-18
The most intriguing feature of this model is that you can choose either navigation module or DMB module at the time you purchase the model; then it will be equipped accordingly. 
YL Trade, portable halogen heater with 3-layered safe equipments 2005-10-18
YL Trade has released its portable halogen heater (model : TESS-501) with 3-layered safety equipments. 
THINKWARE, I-navi 5.0 version, a car navigation system 2005-10-18
THINKWARE presents its new ‘I-navi 5.0’ version, a car navigation system. 
KORLEM, inner earphone made out of harmless biomedical silicon 2005-10-18
KORLEM presents its new inner earphone ‘KORLEM KE-101’. Sleeve Cap made out of harmless biomedical silicon ensures comfortable feeling andsound proof effect. 
JOAS, handy hair straightener 2005-10-18
JOAS has introduced its new hair straightener(model : JHC-3301). 
KEOSAN HI-TECH, air ion purifier for a car 2005-10-18
KEOSAN HI-TECH has presented its new air purifier for a car ‘Forest Air Ion Cluster’. 
Fujitsu Korea, tablet PC with LCD 2005-10-18
Fujitsu Korea has introduced its new tablet pc ‘Stylistic ST5032’ equipped with 12.1” XGA Indoor/Outdoor LCD and the latest Sonoma platform. 
COWON, ‘iAUDIO U3’ 2005-10-18
COWON has announced that it plans to release its new MP3P ‘iAUDIO U3’ in October 19th. 
MUGUNGWHA, automatic water spray system 2005-10-17
MUGUNGWHA has introduced its automatic water sprayer system. 
WOOKSUNG, 7-inch internet surfing video phone 2005-10-17
With 7-inch wide screen, you can not only make a video call but also surf web or simple word processing conveniently by connecting USB keyboard and mouse to the device. In this regard, it is a kind of convergence product of mini computer and video phone. 
Samsung & LG on the frontline of Cell phone battle 2005-10-17
Following the battle of PDP & LCD TVs, another target of Samsung and LG is their cell phones. 
“The world-biggest...the world-first…” Samsung vs. LG 2005-10-17
Samsung and LG have presented their ‘PDP(Plasma Display Panel)’ and ‘LCD(Liquid Crystal Display)’ TVs in KES 2005, claiming each other that it is the first or the biggest model 
Philips, upgraded version of Ambilight TV 2005-10-17
According to the company, Ambilight (Ambient Light) Technology is a unique theater lighting system that adjusts both brightness and color based upon picture content. 
Solar Park, Solar lamp-Charge in the daytime and use at night! 2005-10-14
Solar Park has presented its new solar-powered lamp.  
Samsung Electronics, MP3P with 1-inch micro-drive built inside 2005-10-14
Samsung Electronics has announced that it plans to release its new MP3P ‘YH-J50’ which employs 1-inch micro-drive. 
JIUM, cooler for laptop ‘Cycooler’ 2005-10-14
JIUM has introduced its new cooler for laptop ‘Cycooler’. 
CHUNGYOUNG DIGITAL, wine-glass figure portable speaker 2005-10-14
CHUNGYOUNG DIGITAL has presented its new portable speaker. 
HYUNDAI IMAGEQUEST, 32-inch LCD TV with detachable speaker 2005-10-14
The most outstanding feature of it is that you can separate the speaker at will; it is originally placed under the bottom of the screen, but you can also set up next to the screen or any where else. 
Digital incubator ‘RCOM’ 2005-10-14
AUTO ELEX presents an interesting digital incubator ‘RCOM’ for educational purpose. 
한국HP, 인쇄 속도를 획기적으로 향상시킨 프린터 4종 선보여 2005-10-13
한국HP는 지난 10일 인쇄 속도와 인쇄 품질을 획기적으로 향상시킨 확장형 프린팅 기술(SPT, Scaleable Printing Technology)을 발표하고, 세계에서 가장 빠른 포토프린터와 포토복합기, 데스크탑 사무용 컬러프린터 등 프린터 4종을 출시했다. 
ACCUPIX, enjoy 30-inch screen with MP-glass 2005-10-13
ACCUPIX has introduced its portable multimedia player ‘ MP-glass’ (MPG230A). 
쌍용자동차, '액티언' 심층취재 2005-10-13
“액티언을 월 3천대 이상 판매해 엔트리급 SUV시장의 대표 브랜드로 자리매김시키겠다.” 쌍용자동차의 소진관 대표는 서울 쉐라톤 워커힐 호텔에서 열린 신차 ‘액티언’ 발표회에서 이같이 밝히며 “ 내년 하반기부터 중국, 유럽 등 해외시장도 본격적으로 공략하겠다”고 전했다. 
Asiana IDT, a versatile headset ‘earomix’ 2005-10-13
ASIANA IDT has introduced its new headset ‘earomix’. 
Samsung Electronics, PMP with TV recorder/TV-out ‘YM-P1’ 2005-10-13
Samsung Electronics has presented its new PMP ‘YM-P1’ and announced that it is going to enter PMP market next January. 
EUPA, a portable refrigerator for beauty products 2005-10-13
It looks like a rice cooker at a glance, but it is compact and portable with a handle. Electronic temperature controller keeps accurate and stable temperature. 
KES 2005, LG & Samsung battling each other 2005-10-13
Since their booths are facing each other ironically, visitors consciously or unconsciously find themselves comparing two of them, which is quite interesting. 
KES 2005, Samsung & LG battling each other 2005-10-13
Of the companies attending KES 2005, the most notable companies are Samsung and LG, the two giants in Korea as well as in the global electronics market. 
TOYOTA Hybrid Wonderland 2005-10-13
In TOYOTA exhibition center, there is ‘Hybrid Wonderland’ befitting its fame as leading company in hybrid car industry. The concept of hybrid based on particular Japanese history and culture, and ‘Prius’, TOYOTA’s hybrid car are displayed. 
TOYOTA Euro Sports 2005-10-13
On the corner of TOYOTA Motor Sports Square there is a shop called ES(Euro Sports) that sells racing-related products. 
TOYOTA Motor Sports Square 2005-10-13
The views of TOYOTA Motor Sports Square. 
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