AI Startup Looxid Labs Raises $4 Million Series A 2018-11-14
Seoul, South Korea - November 13, 2018 – Seoul based Emotion AI startu
D&P Corporation, a digital content production company, Signed a character licensing agreement with Chinese animation giant 'Chin Bao' 2018-11-05
D&P Corporation, a resident of Smart Content Center, announced on
[Video] UFirst 'NUGUNA Neckband' Delivery Ceremony Sketch 2018-11-05
IT wearable device startup, UFirst Inc. (CEO Hyunsang Lee), conducted
Communication 5 - Advanced, biometric multimedia mobile phone 2006-02-08
The Pantech PG−6200 is described as an advanced, biometric multimedia mobile phone with six−axis motion, a fingerprint recognition sensor, and voice recognition with TTS (text−to−speech). 
Future Parc 6 - Intelligent e−mail invoice 2006-02-08
With PDF Faktura, Ximantix provides a software product for electronic invoicing via e−mail in bulk−and single−mailing environments. 
Communication 4 - ADSL2+ router with one FXO and two VoIP ports 2006-02-08
The new Draytek Vigor 2700 VGi is billed as a user−friendly ADSL2+ router with two built−in Voice−over−IP telephone ports and one FXO port. 
Future Parc 5 - Geodata server for heterogeneous GIS landscapes 2006-02-08
The exhibitors from Ciss point out that professional data administration and openness for different GI (geo−information) technologies are the basis for economic use of geo−information. 
Future Parc 4 - Energy management for a decentralized market 2006-02-08
The Offis institute for IT tools and systems at Oldenburg University will be relating the benefits of their Energy Web solution. 
Future Parc 3 - Controller development and system design tools 2006-02-08
The Parallel Systems Group at Oldenburg University's Department of Computer Science will be explaining the advantages of their P−Umlaut/Sim package. 
Digital Equipment and Systems 1 - 15.4−inch notebook supports Ce 2006-02-08
The M 660N from Clevo is described as a stylish 15.4−inch notebook that works with the new Intel Centrino technology. 
Future Parc 2 - Computer vision control of autonomous vehicles 2006-02-08
Computer scientists from the Braunschweig University of applied Sciences will be demonstrating an autonomous ground conveyor controlled by computer vision using a forklift model. 
Communication 3 - ADM equipment with high add−drop capacity 2006-02-08
ADM−1 is the name of a new generation of STM−1/STM−4 Add−Drop Multiplexers from Siae In Milan. 
Future Parc 1 - Analysis of virtual networks 2006-02-08
Commetrix enables the visualization, measurement, analysis, and evaluation of virtual networks of electronic communication between employees. 
Communication 2 - 19−inch rackmount Uninterruptible Power Supply 2006-02-08
Effekta announces that its new 19−inch rack−mounted UPS MHD RM is now available including battery management and LCD display from 700 to 3,000 VA (Volt Amps). 
Communication 1 - 1.3 MP network camera with flexible technology 2006-02-08
Mobotix will be unveiling their D10 Dual−Fixdome, a new camera model in a fixdome enclosure billed as proven network camera technology in an elegant design. 
Samsung Mobile Projector ‘Pocket Imager’ 2006-02-07
Samsung has presented its new mobile LED type DLP projector ‘Pocket Imager(model : SP-P300MK). 
MPIO, MP3P ‘FY700’ Choose Whatever You Want 2006-02-07
Mpio has presented its new MP3P ‘FY700’ that you can have additional fashionable accessories. 
최상의 그래픽 퀄리티와 완성도를 자랑하는 대작 3D MMOG ‘제라’ 2006-02-07
㈜넥슨의 10년에 걸친 게임 개발 노하우를 집약, 3년의 개발 기간을 거쳐 개발한 본격 3D MMOG인 '제라'는 지난 해 6월 처음 공개된 이후 지금까지 3차례에 걸친 클로즈 베타 테스트를 실시 
Prestigious Austrian Audio system ‘Bosendorfer’ 2006-02-07
SOVICO AV has presented prominent home theater system ‘Bosendorfer’. 
Maxian, ‘TD PLUS’, an Enhanced Version of T600 PMP with a New T-DMB mo 2006-02-06
Maxian has announced that it plans to release its new item, ‘TD PLUS’, an enhanced version of its previous model T600 PMP by adding a new T-DMB module in March. 
Cowon, 0.85-inch HDD MP3P ‘iAUDIO 6’ 2006-02-06
Cowon has presented its new 0.85-inch HDD MP3P ‘iAUDIO 6’ equipped with color video playback. 
넥슨, ‘제라’ 오픈 베타 테스트 시작 발표 2006-02-06
게임 명가 넥슨(대표 김정주)은 2월 6일 서울 그랜드 하얏트 호텔에서 기자 간담회를 열고 오는 2월 15일부터 ‘제라’의 오픈 베타 테스트를 시작한다고 발표했다. 
CeBIT2006 Press Conference 4 - Key Woman 2006-02-03
Sepp D. Heckmann, Chairman of the Board of Deutsche Messe AG, Barbara Eligmann, Wigald Boning and Ernst Raue, Member of the Board of Deutsche Messe AG, attending the CeBIT Press Event 
CeBIT2006 Press Conference 3 - Key Note 2 2006-02-03
Ernst Raue, Member of the Board of Deutsche Messe AG, during the press conference CeBIT 2006 at 13.12.2005 in Hannover. 
CeBIT2006 Press Conference 3 - Key Note 1 2006-02-03
Dr. Bernhard Rohleder, Director General BITKOM, Berlin, during the press conference CeBIT 2006 at 13.12.2005 in Hannover. 
CeBIT2006 Press Conference 2 - Key People 2 2006-02-03
Dr. Bernhard Rohleder, Director General BITKOM, Berlin, moderator Christian Spanik and Ernst Raue, Member of the Board of Deutsche Messe AG, Hannover, attending the CeBIT Press Conference 
CeBIT2006 Press Conference 2 - Key People 1 2006-02-03
Petra Rob, General Manager METRO Group, Düsseldorf, moderator Christian Spanik, Andreas Kerstan, Vice President SMB, IBM Germany, Stuttgart, and Frank Bolten, President Managing Director, Sharp Electronics Germany/Austria, Hamburg, attending the CeBIT Press Conference 
CeBIT2006 Press Conference 1 - Key Event 2006-02-03
The CeBIT Press Conference held on 13 December 2005 in Hannover. 
CeBIT Australia 3 2006-02-03
CeBIT Australia 2003 at Darling Harbour, Sydney, opened its doors at 10am this morning with more than 420 exhibitors from 10 different countries set to do business. 
CeBIT Australia 2 2006-02-03
Australian Federal Minister for Communications, Information, Technology and the Arts, Senator Richard Alston, on the pichture with German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and Minister Edelgard Bulmahn, promotes the strength of the Australian economy 
CeBIT America 2006-02-03
CeBIT America made its debut from 18 to 20 June 2003 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. The spotlight will be on products and solutions in the areas of IT, telecommunications, networking, software, services and the Internet. 
CeBIT Australia 1 2006-02-03
CeBIT australia has established itself right from the start as the largest and most important trade event for the ICT sector "down under" and is an acknowledgement of Australia's key economic role now and in the future. 
CeBIT Asia 2004 2006-02-03
CeBIT Asia 2004, the ICT highlight of the year for China and Asian Pacific Region, took place from 26-29 April at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). The show attracted 354 exhibitors from 18 different countries. 
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