[KIMES 2018 Preview] DAIWHA CORP., LTD. Releases a Variety of New Products 2018-02-19
DAIWHA CORP., LTD., will the very first premium infusion pump, showing
[KIMES 2018 Preview] WONIK to Exhibit ' INNOJECTOR' to Expand Exports to Global Medical Aesthetics Markets 2018-02-08
WONIK, company specializing in medical devices, will introduce INNOJEC
[KIMES 2018 Preview] MEDIKORS to Exhibit 'InAlyzer AIR', 64 Channel and Innovative Designed 'BONE DENSITOMETRY' 2018-02-08
MEDIKORS(CEO Killian Yoon) unveils the 64 channels & the innovativ
Hyundai Autonet, Detachable MP3P car audio 2005-08-24
Hyundai Autonet presents a new product, HAM-1010S, a detachable MP3P car audio. 
mobiBLU DAH-1800 with 260,000 color OLED 2005-08-24
Hyunwon, a Korean MP3P manufacturer, has announced that it plans to release a new model, ‘DAH-1800’ in September. It’s a MP3P with 260,000 color OLED built inside. 
A highly compatible Bluetooth headset 2005-08-23
Moram presents ‘Bluekhan’, a Bluetooth headset. It successfully passed field tests domestically as well as internationally, proving high compatibility with various devices 
Two Steps Forward U10, comes in September 2005-08-23
Reigncom has announced that it plans to release two flash memory types, U10 and N11 in September 
Savitmicro, portable 2.5 inch HDD multimedia player 2005-08-23
Savitmicro presents ‘IAMM NTD-25’, a 2.5 inch HDD portable multimedia player with 8511 chip employed. 
TUNY8, playing video clip with 1.6 inch LCD 2005-08-23
Dynetel(www.dynetel.com), a Korean MP3P manufacturer, has released a new MP3P, ‘TUNY8’ 
Samsung has released a grand 71-inch DLP TV 2005-08-23
Samsung has released a grand 71-inch DLP TV as the very first in the world. 
Charge your phone using the other’s 2005-08-22
Human C&C (www.humancc.co.kr) has released a new model, ‘Cell Link Plus (HCC-713S)’ 
JBL Encounter Aliens 2005-08-19
Harman Multimedia has announced its new model, JBL Encounter, a practical 2.1channel multimedia speaker with SF design. 
애플아시아 프로덕트 마케팅 이사 Darren Sng 2005-08-19
18일 오전 조선호텔에서 열린 애플 신제품 발표회 현장의 애플아시아 프로덕트 마케팅 이사 Darren Sng. 
Coolermaster’s ‘NOTEPAL’ an aluminum laptop cool pad 2005-08-19
Coolermaster presents a new model ‘NOTEPAL’, a laptop cool pad made out of aluminum in Korea. 
애플, 컨텐츠 전략으로 치고 나올 듯 2005-08-19
애플컴퓨터는 18일 오전 조선호텔에서 열린 신제품 발표회를 통해 아이팟의 차기 전략으로 아이튠즈(iTunes)를 활용한 컨텐츠 전략을 강화할 것임을 시사했다. 
애플, 한국시장 고전은 마케팅능력 부재? 2005-08-19
애플컴퓨터는 18일 오전 조선호텔에서 열린 신제품 발표회를 통해 기존의 맥미니, 아이팟, 아이북 라인업에 대해 성능은 업그레이드하고, 가격은 저렴하게 구성했다고 밝힌바 있다. 
애플, 컬러스크린 기본 장착한 아이팟 라인업 선보여 2005-08-18
애플컴퓨터는 18일 오전 조선호텔에서 열린 신제품 발표회에서 아이팟 포토에서 지원되던 컬러스크린을 기본 장착한 새로운 아이팟 라인업을 발표했다. 
애플 맥미니, 업그레이드 버전 선보여 2005-08-18
애플컴퓨터는 18일 오전 조선호텔에서 열린 신제품 발표회에서 매킨토시 제품 중 가장 저렴하고 컴팩트한 맥미니(Mac mini) 라인을 새롭게 보강한 제품을 선보였다. 
애플, 더욱 빨라진 신형 아이북 G4 선보여 2005-08-18
애플컴퓨터는 18일 오전 조선호텔에서 열린 신제품 발표회에서 더욱 빨라진 프로세서와 기본 메모리를 확장한 신형 아이북(iBook) G4를 선보였다. 
애플, 컬러화면 아이팟, 마이티마우스 등 하반기 신제품 선보여 2005-08-18
애플컴퓨터는 18일 오전 조선호텔에서 열린 신제품 발표회에서 애플 최초의 맥/윈도우 범용 마우스, 컬러화면을 탑재한 아이팟(New IPOD), 스크롤 트랙패드와 충격감지센서를 장착한 
Plantronics headset ‘Bluetooth L510’ 2005-08-18
Plantronics ‘Bluetooth L510’ is a Bluetooth headset, particularly designed for mobile devices such as cell phone, laptop, and PDA. The unmatched versatility, wireless convenience, and noise-free microphone are the key features 
Imation 4GB/8GB USB memory 2005-08-18
Imation 4GB, 8GB USB memory. 4GB retails at 300 in USA and Canada. 
Digitalcube ‘i-station V43’ competing with SONY PSP 2005-08-17
Digitalcube has announced that it plans to release its new PMP ‘i-station V43’ with 4.3 inch TFT-LCD. 
ZUMREED, trendy bikini headphones with 15 colors 2005-08-16
AVA Corporation, a Korean headphones distributor, has released fashionable headphones ‘BORDER/MUJI’ manufactured by ZUMREED. 
Samsung’s new 20inch high resolution monitor 2005-08-16
Samsung has launched a premium 20-inch monitor, SyncMaster 204Ts, SyncMasterMagic CX201TS. 
Symbian OS, Samsung’s new Smartphone 2005-08-16
Samsung presents two new smartphone models with built-in Symbian OS in Europe market as the first Korean manufacturer 
GT Electronics, 7 inch DMB receiver 2005-08-16
GT Electronics took the wraps off its new product ‘NDM-7100’, a DMB receiver. It’s an integrated product with 7 inch wide built-in TFT-LCD monitor. 
A slender HDD MP3P iAUDIO M5 of COWON 2005-08-12
COWON, a Korean MP3P manufacturer, has announced a new product ‘iAUDIO M5’, 20GB HDD with a wide LCD. It’s slim and portable, weighing 145g. It runs 14 hours for 3 hours per charge. 
LG has released a portable super-multi DVD writer 2005-08-12
LG electronics has released a portable super-multi DVD writer(16X)last July. Stores up to 8.5GB with just one CD. 1,000 times rewritable for DVD RW and 100,000 times for DVD RAM. 
GT Electronics’s car rear-view mirror monitor with built-in TFT displa 2005-08-10
GT Electronics has come out with rear-view mirrors with built-in TFT displays. ‘NRM-5100’ incorporates a 5-inch 320x234 screen, so it’s quite wide enough to be used as a navigation or TV monitor through 2 A/V input. 
Ibulldog’s MP3P playing at maximum 20 hours 2005-08-10
The good news is that BF-150 can run on internal lithium batteries for 20 hours to the maximum. Quite a long time, isn’t it? 
Fabulous watch incorporating MP3P 2005-08-09
Going out for summer vacation, but too much stuff to carry on? No worry. 
1inch USB mini-drive incorporating a 5GB hard disc 2005-08-09
A Korean MP3 manufacturing company, NewWorldNet , launched a new 1 inch USB mini-drive incorporating 5 GB hard disc 
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