[LED & OLED EXPO 2018 Preview]J & C Tech Exhibits LED Lighting for Industrial Use with Domestic and Overseas Patent 2018-05-25
J&C Tech(CEO Jang Mim-Jun), will attend 'LED & OLED EXPO 2018'
[LED & OLED EXPO 2018 Preview] Signtech to Exhibit Lighting panels I design 'ILLUMICE' 2018-05-23
SignTech(CEO Hwan Geun Ho), will attend 'The 16th International LED &a
[KOBA 2018] CIS TECH Showed Automatic Threading System 2018-05-18
CIS TTECH introduced automatic threading system at 'KOREA INTERNATIONA
M-CODY, ‘MX-700’ with 800mA output speaker built inside 2005-12-07
M-CODY has announced that it plans to release its new MP3P ‘MX-700’ equipped with video file playback and 800mA output speaker in December, 2005. 
PlayM, IrDA MP3P Beetune ‘PAP-0002’ 2005-12-07
PlayM has announced that it plans to release its new IrDA(Infrared Data Association) MP3P Beetune ‘PAP-0002’, which is able to transfer data between devices without cable by utilizing infrared ray next January 2006. 
Polar AXN300 and AXN500 2005-12-07
The Polar AXN300 is an outdoor computer especially made for snow sports while the AXN500 model of the Polar Electro is designed for hiking and trekking. 
Suunto D9 Dive Computer 2005-12-07
Suunto D9 dive computer makes use of advanced measurement technology and Personal Computers 
High Speed Temperature Scanner 2005-12-07
This device was developed to combat the outbreak of SARS by detecting persons in public places with body temperatures above 38 degrees in an unobtrusive and hygienic method. 
The Watch for the Shenzhou 6 Crew 2005-12-07
Inspired by space age technology, this specially designed wristwatch incorporates a titanium alloy case with the glass being made of sapphire and a fireproof strap. 
Victa Razor Lawnmower 2005-12-07
The Victa Razor lawnmower is a sharp, sophisticated design with unrivalled performance using the latest in advanced engineering. 
'G/L318' wristwatch with sapphire glass 2005-12-07
This wristwatch for couples has a case and band made of stainless steel. The glass is made of sapphire. 
Huistapsysteem 'Beer Tender' 2005-12-07
The beertender is a product for creating a professional looking glass of cold beer on every moment of the day. 
Rocla Electric Reach Truck (represented by joy sticks) 2005-12-07
Rocla is one of Europe's leading manufactures of warehouse trucks and forklifts and a global leader in automated truck systems. 
Chafing Plate 'Kalura' 2005-12-07
A small electrical appliance that belongs to a new aesthetic and functional generation, Kalura is a chafing plate designed to reduce energy consumption. 
한국HP, 비즈니스용 컬러프린터 대거 출시 2005-12-06
한국HP는 광택과 색상의 범위를 현저히 넓인 HP 컬러스피어토너(ColorSphere Toners) 및 새로운 코팅 레이저용지를 선보이는 것과 동시에, 이를 채택한 컬러레이저젯 프린터 시리즈 4종 및 컬러레이저젯 복합기 시리즈 1종을 대거 출시했다. 또한 데스크젯 프린터 1종도 함께 출시한다. 
[Australia] imFONE availability 2005-12-06
오스트레일리아의 VoIP, Mobile Technology 전문가들로부터 imFONE에 대한 문의가 접수되었다. 
FoodnTable introduced ‘Hartley greens & Co’ hand-made pottery in Korea 2005-12-06
FoodnTable, a Korean distributor of Hartley greens & Co., has introduced a hand-made pottery in Korean market. 
Exilim ‘EX S600’, Sony ‘T9’보다 액정크기는 작지만 최신 기능은 앞서 2005-12-05
젭센코리아 소윤섭 사업본부장은 카시오의 새로운 슬림형 디지털카메라 CASIO ‘Exilim EX S600’ 소개 이후 기자들과 일문일답을 가졌다. 경쟁사 동급 모델과 비교해 CASIO Exilim EX S600의 차별화 포인트는? Sony의 600만 화소 슬림형 디지털카메라 ‘T9’모델과 
동영상 손떨림방지, 사진원색복구 기능을 내장한 ‘Exilim EX S600’ 선보여 2005-12-05
일본 CASIO 한국 공식 수입원인 젭센코리아는 신제품 발표회 현장에서 명함사이즈의 600만 화소 슬림형 디지털카메라 CASIO ‘Exilim EX S600’을 선보였다. 
젭센코리아, ‘CASIO Exilim’ 신제품 발표회 가져 2005-12-05
일본 CASIO 한국 공식 수입원인 젭센코리아는 오늘 코엑스 컨퍼런스룸에서 신제품발표회를 가지고 명함사이즈의 600만 화소 슬림형 디지털카메라 CASIO ‘Exilim EX-S600’를 선보였다. 
Turbosonic Whole Body Vibration Device ‘US$20 Million Export Contract’ 2005-12-05
Sonic Whole Body Vibration (SWBV) machine developed thru the application of new magnetic circuit theory of acoustic speaker by TS Korea Co., Ltd. enjoys good reputation not only from domestic market but also world market and now attracts public attention of its relevant industry.  
Compact buggy 2005-12-02
Consumers want to get rid of the normal umbrella type child transportation 
MP3 'Zino Z500' features Chinese game 'mah-jong' 2005-12-02
MP3 'Zino Z500' features Chinese game 'mah-jong' 
'World's Best Design Zone' at Design Korea 2005 2005-12-02
World's Best Design Zone. Good Design award winning entries from various countries will be presented 
[지상파DMB개국] DMB 시청 장면 - 3 2005-12-02
정보통신부는 새로운 데이터 방송서비스 개발, 단말기 유통에 따른 수익모델 발굴 등 DMB 활성화를 위해 방송사, 제조사 및 이통사와 지속적으로 협의해 나갈 것이며 
[지상파DMB개국] 축하 장면 - 2 2005-12-02
노무현 대통령은 축사를 통해 "APEC 당시 세계 정상들이 한국의 DMB기술력에 감탄하는 것을 보고 가슴이 뿌듯했다"고 밝혔다. 
[지상파DMB개국] 리허설 장면 - 1 2005-12-02
12월 1일 16시부터 수도권에서 세계 최초로 지상파DMB 서비스가 개시됐다. 
Napoleon-like ‘Little LLUON’ features 2.1Kg weight and 5.8cm width 2005-12-01
TriGem strikes back in slim PC market with Napoleon-like ‘Little LLUON’, Ultra-mini PC features 2.1Kg weight and 5.8cm width 
Video Conference with incorporated MCU 2005-12-01
Jungmin Electronics has introduced its video IP Phone ‘JVP-7000’ which allows you to make a video conference for 4 people with incorporated MCU 
세계에서 가장 작은 미디어센터PC 삼보 ‘리틀 루온’ 발표 2005-11-30
‘에버라텍’을 소개하고 몇 개월만에 ‘리틀 루온’이라는 제품을 선보인다. 오늘은 특별히 기존보다 많은 제품을 비치했다. 많은 말보다는 직접 보고 느낄 수 있도록 했다. 
포터블 데스크탑 PC, ‘리틀 루온’ 출시 2005-11-30
삼보컴퓨터(www.trigem.co.kr)는 '루온' 시리즈의 울트라 미니PC '리틀루온'을 앞세워 2006년 PC시장에 출사표를 던졌다. 
Storing oxygen in solid form 2005-11-29
If you have OXYPIA ‘Pine-L3’ with you, you can always breathe clean air since this solid material eliminates poisonous substances while providing clean oxygen without separate power supply. 
[China] KINGLONG DAILY ARTICLES, knife set, BBQ set, Cigar Cutter 공급의사 2005-11-29
중국 ‘GUANGDONG HONGXUAN INDUSTRIAL’ 그룹의 ‘KINGLONG DAILY ARTICLES’社는 자신들이 취급하는 ‘knife set, BBQ set, Cigar Cutter’ 등을 공급하고 싶다는 의사를 밝혀 왔다. 
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