Radiance Launches World's First Wireless Heated Comforter 'Radishine' Through Kickstarter 2017-11-20
Radiance Co., which develops technology on new heating composite mater
The World's Thinnest & Lightest Keyboard Returns 2017-11-20
Wekey Pocket 2 is a full 64 key Bluetooth keyboard that can be folded
eCELL Electronics Unveils Its New Smart Helmet - Bluetooth, Action Cam and GPS Combined 2017-11-17
eCELL Electronics launches promotion of its new Smart full-faced bike
PQI, PMP ‘mPack P400’ with 40GB HDD 2005-09-27
PQI(www.pqi.com.tw) has announced that it plans to release its new PMP ‘mPack P400’ with 2.5 inch 40 GB HDD built inside in October. 
PQI, ultra-small PMP ‘mTrix’ with 2 inch TFT-LCD 2005-09-27
PQI (www.pqi.com.tw) has announced that it plans to release its ultra-light PMP ‘mTrix’ with 2 inch TFT-LCD in October. 
Environment Friendly Company, OS screen 2005-09-26
As the name OS ‘Pure Mat’ signifies, the texture is an environmentally friendly material made of polyester without a particular chemical process. It prevents ‘hot spot’ and ‘moire’ effects. 
OS Screen of 52 years’ tradition 2005-09-26
‘OS Screen’ is a professional screen manufacturer with a 52 years’ tradition in Japan. It currently holds 60 percent of market share in Japan. It has expanded the screen manufacturing business from products for theater use to products for schools and corporate use. 
HANVIT I-T, smart phone ‘HV-KH1000’ with easy UI 2005-09-26
HANVIT I-T has announced that it plans to release its new 180-degree swiveling smart phone ‘HV-KH1000’ with easy user interfaces of window CE.net OS in October. 
Apple, flash memory type music player ‘iPod nano’ 2005-09-26
Apple computer has announced that it plans to release its new 0.69cm thick ‘iPod nano’. 
Samsung Electronics, LCD monitor with a new design 2005-09-26
Samsung Electronics introduces its new premium LCD monitors; 17 inch SyncMastermagic CX718T and 19 inch SyncMastermagic CX915T. 
Innovator of new technology, SHARP 2005-09-23
All of the SHARP LCD TV displayed in Akihabara Japan has a label written ‘AQUOS made in Kameyama factory’. In fact, Kameyama factory is a pride of SHARP. In this place, SHARP has been producing finished goods of LCD from LCD panel to TV packaging. 
‘One of kind’ in the world, a spirit of SHARP 2005-09-23
We do not seek merely to expand our business volume. Rather, we are dedicated to the use of our unique, innovative technology to contribute to the culture, benefits and welfare of people throughout the world.” 
NEWCOM System, ‘matrix hardware’ 2005-09-23
NEWCOM System (www.newcoms.co.kr) has introduced a matrix hardware ‘MH-B2000’ appeared in the movie ‘Matrix’. 
Perstel, USB type DMB receiver for pc ‘DR402’ 2005-09-23
Perstel (www.perstel.com) presents a USB type DMB receiver for pc ‘DR402’. It has USB interface with any PCs and laptop that helps you to enjoy DMB service. 
PQI, PMP 'mPack P600' with 4W rectangular stereo speaker built inside 2005-09-23
PQI(www.pqi.com.tw) has announced that it plans to release its new PMP 'mPack P600' with 4W stereo speaker built inside in October. 
Samsung Electronics ‘Bluetooth ultra-slim phone II' 2005-09-23
Indeed ‘make it slimmer’ seems to be the hottest trend in digital device industry. Samsung Electronics has come up with another Bluetooth ultra-slim phoneⅡ(SPH-V7400) for PCS. 
플래시메모리 타입 뮤직 플레이어 '아이팟 나노' 판매개시 2005-09-23
애플컴퓨터는 0.69cm두께에 1,000곡 저장이 가능한 새로운 MP3P, ‘아이팟 나노’를 출시하고 23일 판매한다고 밝혔다. 새로운 아이팟 라인업인 ‘아이팟 나노’는 애플 특유의 혁신적인 디자인 
MS hardware group coming to Korea with 12 new models 2005-09-23
MS Korea held a showcase of its new mouse and keyboard models last September 22nd in Lotte hotel. 
Samsung Electronics ‘daylight’ PDP TV 2005-09-22
Samsung Electronics has introduced its new PDP TV (SPD-42P5HDM, SPD-50P5HDM) as the first in its industry. 
MS 하드웨어그룹 방한, 신제품 12종 발표 2005-09-22
‘배수’가 가능해 음료를 쏟아도 괜찮은 ‘컴포트 커브키보드 2000’, 동영상 재생 등 리모컨의 기능을 탑재한 ‘윈도우XP 미디어센터 에디션용 리모트 키보드’, 게이머들을 위한 ‘무선 레이저 마우스6000’ 등 소개 
Pantech, 16.9mm thick pocket slide phone 2005-09-22
Pantech (www.curitel.com) has presented its new ultra-thin pocket slide phone ‘Curitel PT-K1500’. 
LG Electronics, Wi-Fi cell phone ‘LG-CL400’ 2005-09-22
LG Electronics has introduced its new cell phone ‘LG-CL400’, which is able to connect to internet service through wireless LAN by utilizing UMA(Unlicenced Mobile Access) technology. 
HANA Micron Biz Story 2005-09-22
Together with the overseas special reports, AVING is going to report about promising Korean companies, hopefully the Next World Class Company in the near future. 
아이팟 자신감의 근원, '아이팟 경제(iPod Economy)' 2005-09-22
애플컴퓨터는 22일 아이팟 나노 갤러리에서 0.96cm로 일반 연필 두께보다 얇고, 100원짜리 동전 8개를 합친 것보다 가벼운 42g의 초경량 MP3P ‘아이팟 나노’를 선보였다. 
iriver vs ipod, 'U10 vs U2' 2005-09-22
It is quite interesting to see the two strong companies are competing with each other on Japanese MP3P market; iriver and Apple. Both of the two are outstanding companies on global MP3P market, focusing on the invisible value as well as the appearance of the products. 
iriver plaza, “open the shop next to my house” 2005-09-21
When asked where would be the most suitable place to open the iriver plaza, majority of the Japanese consumers answered like this; “open the shop next to my house” That seems to indicate how much Japanese are interested in iriver. 
iriver style, the passion of RED 2005-09-21
Under the unique slogan of ‘find your own self’ and intense color of red, iriver has received a quite good reaction from Japanese youngsters in the midst of long economic recession in the market. 
Strategic products of iriver Japan 2005-09-21
It seems to indicate the key success factor of iriver japan – ‘product’ as the first priority rather than a company. 
iriver plaza shibuya 2005-09-21
Tokyo is often said to be a kind of Mecca for IT digital products in the world. In this very place, iriver Japan is competing with other world class companies such as Apple. 
IOPS releases 2GB MP3 Player with ‘renovative’ functionality 2005-09-21
its main features are Movie Playback function and Built-in foldable USB 2.0 plug 
Ubistar, a stylish VoIP phone 2005-09-21
Ubistar presents a stylish USB memory stick-type VoIP phone. 
Cyberbank, PDA phone ‘POZ X501’ 2005-09-21
New PDA phone ‘POZ X501’, which is able to connect to internet service through wireless LAN as well as CDMA2000 EVDO module 
Cyberbank, PDA phone capable of receiving satellite DMB 2005-09-21
Cyberbank has introduced a multimedia smartphone POZ B300, which combines satellite DMB with PDA phone 
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