D&P Corporation, 'Augmented Reality Smart Experience Tour' Launch in June! 2018-06-21
Digital contents specialized production company, D&P Corporation'
Dataking Co., Ltd. concluded co-seller partnership with Microsoft Korea 2018-06-20
'Dataking', a company with its office in Smart Content Center in Anyan
Application Management Platform 'APPLY KOK' Administrator Platform Upgrade 2018-06-20
Lodev Inc. (CEO Kang, Yoo-hee), who was focused with innovative applic
Communication 51 - Digital data archive for sharing and storage 2006-02-10
Thecus will be presenting a new network attached storage device with the product designation N2100 and called the Yes Box, which stands for Your Enhanced Storage. 
Digital Equipment and Systems 32 - Compact printing modules for kiosk 2006-02-10
APS plan to exhibit their KCP 200 series of Kiosk Compact Modules. 
Communication 50 - Device tunnels four S0 connections over IP 2006-02-10
I.s.t. will be bringing their Ibus IP 4 to the fair.  
Communication 49 - Device server for secure serial connectivity 2006-02-10
Perle Systems will be spotlighting their compact−sized Iolan SCS1 M with integrated V.92 modem, billed as a smart way to connect serial−based COM port, UDP or TCP socket−based applications to remote devices. 
Communication 48 - Device links analog devices to mobile networks 2006-02-10
The GSM Connector from 4G Systems in Hamburg is billed as making the advantages of mobile phone networks accessible to fixed line customers. 
Digital Equipment and Systems 31- Compact, multi−function speake 2006-02-10
The QT−IS3 multi−function internal speaker from Quito Technology is said to be perfect for schools, offices and other environments with a lack of desk space. 
Communication 47 - Delivery platform for music and video content 2006-02-10
Materna plan to introduce Music Macs, a new platform for mobile network operators, service providers, Internet providers, and customers who want to offer a music content platform to their clients. 
Digital Equipment and Systems 30 - Compact, external SATA RAID subsyst 2006-02-10
Raidon will be explaining the advantages of their external SATA RAID subsystem for disk−based backups. 
Digital Equipment and Systems 29 - Compact display engine for large 2006-02-10
The WPE−791 is a new digital signage control box with sixteen PCI−E slots, built−in advanced Intel 915 GM chipset, and support for Pentium M CPUs up to 2.26 GHz. 
Communication 46 - Data card for high−speed mobile Internet acce 2006-02-10
The wireless data communication specialists at 4G Systems HSDPA will be spotlighting a data card that enables high−speed mobile access to the Internet at a data rate of 1.8 Mbps.  
Communication 45 - DAC multimedia box for music−lovers and gamer 2006-02-10
A new multimedia box with DAC (Digital−Analog Converter), BAB and USB 2.1 channel features will be on exhibition from I−Care. Its miniature dimensions and potent amplifier are claimed to make it a perfect tool for PC sound sources.  
Communication 44 - CTI and Real−time Collaboration Suite 2006-02-10
The latest version of Estos Pro Call Enterprise contains a large number of enhancements that allow an optimised workflow for every user. 
Digital Equipment and Systems 28 - Combo−to−SATA RAID subs 2006-02-10
Netstor reports the introduction of their NC 430C mini two−bay USB 2.0/eSATA Combo−to−SATA RAID subsystem. 
Communication 43 - Cost−effective, short−range wireless de 2006-02-10
Loopcomm reports that its products build upon the expertise and experience of Wiborne analysts in Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, UWB (Ultra−Wideband) and other 
Digital Equipment and Systems 27 - Combo−to−SATA RAID subs 2006-02-10
Netstor introduces NC 450A mini two−bay USB 2.0/FW800 Combo−to−SATA RAID subsystem. 
Communication 42 - Cost-effective eight-port Fast Ethernet switch 2006-02-10
C−Net has released an eight−port Fast Ethernet switch with four PoE(Power over Ethernet) ports. 
Digital Equipment and Systems 26 - Combined watch and USB storage devi 2006-02-10
A new development on show from UGC will be their international time disk watch. 
Digital Equipment and Systems 25 - Combined hub and 28−in− 2006-02-10
A new product from Good Man Corporation Technology to be introduced to fair visitors will be the HC−100, 111, 200 and 201 range of combined USB 2.0 three−port hubs and USB 2.0 28−in−one card readers. 
Communication 41 - Cordless phone for Skype communications 2006-02-10
The new Skype Cordless Phone from Netvox enables users to take advantage of the fast−growing voice communication worldwide and make free, unlimited 
Honeywell, Three-Tower Fan ' ‘HY-033-KOR’ 2006-02-09
Asko Korea has presented a new three-tower fan ‘HY-033-KOR’ manufactured by Honeywell, USA company. 
Digital Equipment and Systems 24 - Combined GPS navigator, smartphone 2006-02-09
The MA 19BH−A is a color display from G−Vision that targets medical professionals with what the company calls its superior performance. 
From the bottom to Top, SONY LCD monitor with 'Rising Design' 2006-02-09
SONY 19-inch LCD monitor ‘SDM-HS95P’ with a distinctive 'rising design'. 
Digital Equipment and Systems 23 - Color display for advanced medical 2006-02-09
The MA 19BH−A is a color display from G−Vision that targets medical professionals with what the company calls its superior performance. 
Digital Equipment and Systems 22 - Case for four disk drives with JBOD 2006-02-09
Quick−Serve from Taiwan will be exhibiting the new USB case for four 3.5−inch disk drives with support for the JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks) mode. 
Future Parc 20 - Verification of integrated computer systems 2006-02-09
Informatics specialists from Saarland University will be reporting on the latest developments in their Verisoft enterprise. 
Future Parc 19 - Tool for simply modeling business processes 2006-02-09
Join is a new tool to model business processes from the Institute of Management at the University of Koblenz−Landau. 
Future Parc 18 - Systems for optimized geodata distribution 2006-02-09
The developers at Ciss will be spotlighting their new products Citra Export Center and Geo−Commerce Shop for the distribution of geodata. 
Future Parc 17 - Software for round−the−clock interactive 2006-02-09
The Kaiserslautern University of Technology has collaborated with a.k.m., an agency for communication and marketing, to develop special software for interactive radio that functions fully independently. 
Future Parc 16 - Software for personal financial planning 2006-02-09
Fixplan is consulting software for personal financial planning with life events and preferences. 
Future Parc 15 - Software for e−learning and knowledge transfer 2006-02-09
Meditrainment, the marketing and communication agency a.k.m. and the Kaiserslautern University of Technology will be demonstrating new software to coordinate and administrate interactive learning and knowledge management. 
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