[MIK2018] DSD Tech Introduces Drone Station, 'WhileD', Advances Unmanned Drones 2018-09-01
디에스디테크는 '2018 컨퍼런스&네트워킹'에서 드론의 무인화를 앞당기는 드론 스테이션 'WhileD'를 소개했다.
[MIK2018] Modoo & Modoo showcases Modoobell for users with weak social-communication skills 2018-08-31
On August 23rd (Thurs), Modoo & Modoo showcased Modoobell, which w
[MIK2018] Nemoplan showcases Nahome Driver, a driver kit which turns a normal wheelchair into an electric wheelchair 2018-08-31
Nemoplan showcases 'Nahome Driver' a drive kit assisted manual wheelch
[IFA 2013] Golla opens '2014 Collection of design bag' 2013-09-12
Golla opens '2014 Collection of design bag' which is released at IFA 2013 being held in Berlin, Germany from September 6-11. 

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