VITAFOODS to expand into the World Market with Its Easily Edible Healthy 'Scorched Rice' Product 2018-09-20
With consumers' growing interest in health, all kinds of healthy food
YouVR Showcase Pivo – the Smart Interactive Pod for Smartphone Photography at MWC Americas 2018 2018-09-19
YouVR, renowned with its Virtual Reality property tour maker program,
GAC Technology Group Brought Innovative HP Mobile Projectors The Group Designed, Manufactured, and Distributed 2018-09-19
On MWC Americas 2018, GAC Technology Group showcased its first four HP
Elago, providing 'L3 Stand' to 250 apple stores all over the US·Canada 2013-10-07
'L3 Stand' well regarded for its design and functions in the US, designed and produced by Elago( president, Andrew Lee) announcing that it is awarded a contract to Apple to provide products. 
elago to present its 3G iPhone skin 'Slim fit case' 2009-03-05
elago presented its Polyurethane material of 3G iPhone skin 'Slim fit case' during CeBIT 2009. 

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