My Ripple to launch ‘Spires’, an ITX main board case brand

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> My Ripple ( launched the ‘Spires’ brand, a Mini-ITX main board case with a fine design.

The Spires case is a Ripple brand showcased by My Ripple, which is expanding the mini PC market based on its Mini-ITX form factor in Korea, and is distinctive for its small, sleek and fine design.

In particular, the “Blue Eye” case, the first Spires brand model showcased, is based on the distinctive design philosophy pursued by My Ripple with an upgraded design and functions. It comes in black and white with a blue LED line added.

Also, the company has designed the case not only to be aesthetically beautiful but has installed in it a power supply of the Micro-ATX size so as to enhance the completeness of the hardware PC users want.

Until now, the power supply supporting cases of ITX size were produced small but had a low rating output power that multi-core processors or peripheries could not be used. When using a power supply or adapter of the smallest size to fit a Mini-ITX main board, the output was too weak that a quad core processor could not be used.

The Spires “Blue Eye” case does not have the inconvenience of having to use a case of a large Micro-ATX size because of the power supply or of having to directly produce or remodel the case. It instead has the advantage of the possibility of furnishing a Mini-ITX system with the desired mixture without having to worry about the rating output power.

As it is now possible to use a high performance processor, the company looked into the cooling of the system as well. It installed an 80mm fan in front and two 60mm fans on the back to enhance the air circulation capacity inside. Also, there is ample space that assembling HDD or ODD has become easy.

In addition, the Spires “Blue Eye” case is equipped with a simple and refined front vessel produced with a high-quality high gloss material. Black and white together with the smooth and sleek vessel design adds to the elegance.

Here, when it is not necessary to put in and take out CDs and DVDs with a sliding ODD cover, a uniform system look can be maintained. Also, it is equipped with a USB port and HD audio terminal in front.

On the other hand, Danawa, a price information site, is conducting a field test event wherein one can experience the Spires case. For details, check the Spires blog (