KGC AWARDS, to go forward a step with the Global Game Awarding Ceremony

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> The KGC AWARDS held by the Korean Game Developers’ Association (President Seung-Hoon Lee) was preceded on September 15th, the last day of the KGC2010 ceremony, at the COEX Grand Ball Room. KGC AWARDS stated that various products competed in a total of 6 areas, Game Design, Graphic, Programming, Business, Open Track, Portable; under the motto of ‘The celebration of game developers’, with the big theme of ‘Innovation’. KGC2010’s keynote & lecturer was awarded directly for each sectors’ awarding.

(Picture: , Nexon’s ‘Marbinoge Heroes)

(Picture: Red Dead Redemption)

For the AWARDS winning products, Nexon’s ‘Marbinoge Heroes’ and Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica Studio’s ‘God Of War3’ were co-awarded in the Game Design sector, ‘Rockstar Games’ and ‘Red Dead Redemption’ in the Graphic sector, Bioware’s ‘Mass Effect’ in the Programming sector, Namco Bandai Games Inc’s ‘Tekken6’ in the Business sector, ‘Piper Games’, YD Online’s ‘Bandmaster’ in the Open Track, and and Portable’s ‘Plants Vs Zombies’ in the Portables.

The submitted products were limited to online games or games with networks that could provide more than Open Beta services from July 01, 2010 to June 30, 2010 the submitting process was proceeded through open recruitment. The final awarded products were decided through a democratic, complex series of process; consisting of the first reserved screening, the online screening& field screening of KGC lecturers, and field poll of general participants during the KGC2010 period.

Relations of KGC AWARDS stated its goal of “Growing steadily to provide a celebration for game developers worldwide, acknowledging their efforts to strive night and day for game developing.”

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