KES 2017
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Latest News  
[2017 KES Video] Opening of the Finals Competition of 'IoT Innovation Challenge' for the 4th industrial Internet of Things
[2017 KES Video] Dongyang Mirae University, Exhibits Student Excellent Works with the 35th Graduation Work Exhibition
[2017 KES Video] Korea Electronics Technology Institute, introduced Various Technologies of Electric & Information Communication and Laser Sensor Product of Autonomous Vehicle
[2017 KES Video] Kwangwoon University, Introduced Plasma Medical Devices and Hologram Research Achievements
[2017 KES Video] SKONEC, VR Contents that Is Used in Various Fields
[2017 KES] Prochild, Shows "Low Power Module" Developed by Its Own Technology
[2017 KES] Checkall, Shows a Smart Network Connecter "RJLED"
[2017 KES Video] Cloud Gate, Introduced 'Screen Sports System' that Does Not Get Affected by the Weather
[2017 KES Video] SONICTIER, Introduced UHD Sound program
[2017 KES Video] BMT, Introduced Effective 'Total Solutions for Electric, EMS, and Others'
[2017 KES Video] Seoul National University of Science & Technology, introduced 'Specialized Business Achievements'
[2017 KES Video] INNOSIMULATION, Introduced Various Experience System by Applying VR
[2017 KES] Busan Techno Park - CNCR to Show G.Rack, Capable of Constant Temperature / Humidity
[2017 KES] University Technology Booth - Industry-university Consortium of Keimyung University, Introduced 'Driver Condition Monitoring Technology' Based On Electrocardiogram
[2017 KES] Korea Non-ferrous Metals Introduced Cost Reduced 'Premium Aluminum'
[2017 KES] Rium, Introduced Mobile Accessory Brand 'FitU'
[2017 KES] 8 Companies Supported by KISED Participating in KES!
[2017 KES] SKonec Entertainment Introduced 'VR Shopping Mall System'
[2017 KES] E3, Portable Fine Dust Measuring Instrument, Introduced 'Aircok'
[2017 KES] Easy Counter System Introduces Circulation Measuring Instrument 'Eco-counter'
[2017 KES] Techwin System Introduces Measurement and Control Equipment/ Electric Panel/ Water & Sewage Solutions
[2017 KES] Seongnam Industry Promotion Agency, Introduced Measures to 'Aiding Smaller-Sized, Venture Enterprises'
[2017 KES] Automobile Convergence Alliance, Introduced 'Distinctive Business Model'
[KES 2017] Ulsan Regional HQs of the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Supports 3D Printing Technology and Consulting
[KES 2017] Cresyn Showed World Premium Audio Brand "Phiaton"
Convergence and Innovation, Opening of Future Introducing 'Korea Electronics Show 2017' on 17th

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