Korea International Medical Tourism Convention 2012
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Latest News  
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] GS Medical to open 'Slim power', all in one system for infrared rays, low laser therapy and lower-body bathing
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] SAM Hospital of Hyosan Medical Foundation to present impression to patietns!
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Seoul National University Hospital to show integrating medical treatment system specialized in medical tourism service
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Hwasun Chonnam National University Hospital to introduce 'Star Medical Team' specialized in cancer and orthopedic treatment
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Bundang Cheil Women's hospital to show total medical service for Women disease
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Regen Beauty Medical Group to introduce one stop medical service
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] SEOUL ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL to introduce International Care Center and Clinical Trials Departments for four diseases
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] BUMIN Hospital to invite foreign patients with their medical treatment system of high class
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] SoftNet to show 'Global U-Health System', remote medical Examination and treatment service
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Samsung Medical Center to suggest 'Vision 2020' to take off as a global leading hospital
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Pacific Asia Travel Association to introduce varied membership service
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Gangwon-do Medical Tourism Support Center to promote medical tour service
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Grand Plastic Surgery Center to show customized medical services for foreign patients
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Dream Medics to show body shape measuring device by 3D scanning
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Regen Cosmetic to show skin care line containing 'Halophyte' ingredient
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] MizMedi Women's Hospital to introduce medical service targeting foreign women
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] SEODONG MEDICAL to show 'Nurieye-5800',a medical device for curing dry eye syndrome
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Dozen Stars to show tailored medical tourism service and hospital marketing
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] BANOBAGI Plastic & Aesthetic to show 'Botox Mask', effective against wrinkles
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Gyeonggi International Medical Association to suggest varied promotional ideas for foreign patients
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] PHARMICELL to proudly show 'Hearticellgram®-AMI', the worlds first stem cell therapeutic product
[KIMTC 2012 on-site_Video Interview] Ilsan Paik Hospital to introduce tailored program for medical checkup
[KIMTC 2012 on-site_Video Interview] NOMI Medical Tourism Agency to introduce varied medical tour packages
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] 365mc, Obesity Clinic carrying out extremely obese Bariatric Surgery
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Hanyang University International Hospital to introduce medical examination service for foreigners and overseas Koreans.
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] DR.Kim's Varicose Vein Clinic to introduce special clinic for varicose veins of pelvic limb
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Apgujeong YK Plastic Surgery Center to provide information of plastic surgery and related classes
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Korea Hospitality Evaluation Research established for Korea culture tourism to present their job
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] CheongShim International Hospital to promote global medical infra
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] CheonMun Oriental Medical Clinic to introduce 'Jonas method Pregnancy calender' based on Birth Chart
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] JK Plastic Surgery Center to open 'Dr.JK' cosmeceutical (cosmetic+ pharmaceutical) product and medical service for foreign patients
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Wooridul Spine Hospital to proudly show their spine treatment technology
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] YESON VOICE CENTER's Voice plastic surgery to enter into global market with their know-how curing K-POP Star
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Incheon Medical Tourism Foundation to attract foreign patients with their excellent accessibility!
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Gangam Yonsei Sam Dent Clinic to introduce varied surgical procedure for teeth
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Medical Korea Gangnam to promote Gangnam medical service of high quality
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] YONSEI UNIVERSITY HEALTH SYSTEM to attract foreign partients with advanced global medical network
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] 'Obgyn Best Skilled' to introduce varied vaginoplastoes for women
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] Inje University Ilsan Paik Hospital to lead the Korean medical tourism wave based on their experience and cutting edge devices!
[KIMTC 2012 on-site] 'DaeJangGeum, Traditional Korean Medicine Tourism Experience Event' to let foreigners superiority of oriental medicine
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