International LED & Display Expo 2012
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Latest News  
Ended 'The 3rd International LED & Display Exhibition' promising next year at Daegu, the High-tech industrial city
[LED+ 2012 on-site] HAN-LA IMS to present LED of dimming type having longer lifespan
[LED+ 2012 on-site] KWANG SUNG ELECTRIC INDUSTRY introduces LED parking lot lights and mini krypton
[LED+ 2012 on-site] WITHLIGHT to show absolute speed light automatic measuring system goniophotometer
[LED+ 2012 on-site] Daesan Lighting exhibits streetlight automatic switch featuring computer remote control
[LED+ 2012 on-site] KUMHOENG introduces LED lamps of high efficiency
[LED+ 2012 on-site] J&C Technology to exhibit plant lighting for growing plants indoors by using LED lights
[LED+ 2012 on-site] UNIONELECOM introduces showy LED lamps for signs
[LED+ 2012 on-site] KITECH to exhibit OLED lighting panel
[LED+ 2012 on-site] SOLARIS COPORATION exhibits semiconductor light source usable without a converter
[LED+ 2012 on-site] DEI TECHNOLOGY introduces LED Downlights Dimming Controller easy to adjust brightness
[LED+ 2012 on-site] KUMUOUNG to show LED security lights with a sleek design
[LED+ 2012 on-site] INSOL to display multifunction calibrator and radio counter
[LED+ 2012 on-site] ICG TECHNOLOGY to display LED screens with wave and the cylindrical designs
[LED+ 2012 on-site] S-Package Solution to show high-efficiency LED devices
[LED+ 2012 on-site] EDISON SOLITEC to show 'Smart-Max' implements dimming system
[LED+ 2012 on-site] DNET to show a security sensor with microwave sensor features
[LED+ 2012 on-site] CSTECH to show indoor-flush typed LED lighting with large energy savings
[LED+ 2012 on-site] Korea Semiconductor Illumination to exhibit LED lamps having '40% Energy Cut Effect'
[LED+ 2012 on-site] G&C to display a water-cooled type alternating LED lamp
[LED+ 2012 on-site] MIKANG E·P TECH to be concentrated with LED street light equipment
[LED+ 2012 on-site] WISCO HITEC, Introduce tracking solar streetlights 'Never Being Turned off'
[LED+ 2012 on-site] NURIPLAN to Show Eco-friendly city landscape design to stimulate sensitivity
[LED+ 2012 on-site] ICEPIPE, display LED industry lamp reducing manufacturing costs by 50%
[LED+ 2012 on-site] JAEJIN POWER LED to draw lots of attention with various streetlights faturing 'Unique Design'
[LED+ 2012 on-site] TECH SIGN LIGHT PANEL to attract attention with their 'Different and Distinctive' circular pendant lights
[LED+ 2012 on-site] SUNLED to exhibit LED high-ceiling lights saving electricity
[LED+ 2012 on-site] MICRO HIGH TECH, 'Hazardous Substance No' exhibit various LED lights
[LED+ 2012 on-site] KEUNWOO TECH to display various electric carts which should't be missed out in LED industry
[LED+ 2012 on-site] Heesung Electronics to show LED bulb which can save energy up to 88%
'The 3rd International LED & Display Expo' finally opens at Daegu, Exco with 150% expanded scale!
[LED+ 2012 on-site] Korea Agriculture System & Technology to maximize efficiency of plan factory with power saving LED lighting

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