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Latest News  
[BISS 2012 on-site] HanShin Korea to unveil 'Functional Spring Insole' which was awarded First Prize in new technology field
[BISS 2012 on-site] HAKSAN to introduce 'Vitro V-Wox', tailored walking shoe
[BISS 2012 on-site] Wellness Hills to exhibit 'MOOV', eco-foot massaging shoe featuring vibration
[BISS 2012 on-site] Tae Yang general trading to exhibit wearable and eco friendly winter boots for working in Freezer
[BISS 2012 on-site] 'VENEZIA Rain Loafer' of Waryong Industrial
[BISS 2012 on-site] EFU SPORTS to exhibit 'TWITCH 1.0' functional shoe for sportsmen
[BISS 2012 on-site] GTS Global to showcase 'ACTOS', skin shoe having super light weight, 68g
[BISS 2012 on-site] WILD CAT to suggest 'ATTIPAS', shoes to help improve a babies' cognitive development
[BISS 2012 on-site] Wonjin International to suggest '3D structure printing'
[BISS 2012 on-site] 'AIR ARCH' a handy exercise equipment, inside the shoes
[BISS 2012 on-site] WINDWIRE to exhibit 'shoelaces fasteners' without entanglement
[BISS 2012 on-site] KEI to show sneakers in concept of Taekwondo Shoes
[BISS 2012 on-site] WINFORSYS to unveil 3D Foot Scanner for customized shoe making
[BISS 2012 on-site] NPLife to show spine therapy shoes absorbing shock
[BISS 2012 on-site] WIGKOREA attracts the attention through 'Luvviole film' that changes color, depending on the viewing angle
[BISS 2012 on-site] DAEYU TONGSANG to show various Webbing tapes and shoelaces
[BISS 2012 on-site] 'OllO SAPIEN', a functional shoe that strengthen grip and is suitable for 'Parkour'
[BISS 2012 on-site] ASSEMS to show eco-friendly film adhesive technology of film form
[BISS 2012 on-site] A thermoplastic polyurethane production company, KOREA FINE CHEMICAL
[BISS 2012 on-site] SHINKYUNG to unveil 'FREE LOCK' that tie and untie shoelaces without a knot
[BISS 2012 on-site] Sensuous style women's shoes brand 'FFeFF' and 'MISTOK'
[BISS 2012 on-site] 'Nanotech Stico' to maximize the anti-skid with ceramic materials
[BISS 2012 on-site] 'ACOPEDICO' shoes with non-toxic and eco-friendly materials
[BISS 2012 on-site] HANA SYSTEM to show, a spinning device to adjust shoe string easily
[BISS 2012 on-site] Shoes manufacturer of OEM/OEM type, Sunshine Korea
[BISS 2012 on-site] CERARON HEALTH TECH to show the functional insoles applying 'Tourmaline'
[BISS 2012 on-site] GTM to exhibit eco-friendly gel pressure that doesn't need pads
[BISS 2012 on-site] BioMechanics to unveil functional walking shoes using lever principle
[BISS 2012 on-site] A.RO to show a variety of shoes with shock absorption and cushioning function
[BISS 2012 on-site] 'Star Field', functional sneakers for smooth blood circulation
[BISS 2012 on-site] TREKSTA to exhibit high-functional footwear 'SYNC' reducing muscle fatigue, more than 30%
[BISS 2012 on-site] To prevention joint pain with 'SRD Functional Shoe'
[BISS 2012 on-site] SB LEPORTS to showcase 'MARINEPOOL' an outdoor brand for marine sport
[BISS 2012 on-site] GTS Global to show detachable 'PIIPIINOO Magic Zipper shoes'
[BISS 2012 on-site] LeCaf to showcase 'Dual Ride', running shoes awarded the first prize in functionality field
'Busan International Footwear & Textile Fashion' covers cutting edge trend of Shoe industry!
[BISS 2012 Preview] 'New lacing system FREELOCK R2' to adjust shoestring intelligently for healthy feet
[BISS 2012 Preview] HAKSAN will show 'V-WOX' series featuring ergonomic system

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