International Robot Contents Show 2012
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Latest News  
[RoCon 2012 video] Buyer interview with Polapat Udomphol, IT WORKS
[RoCon 2012 video] Buyer interview with Slawomir Radacki, DLF
[RoCon 2012 on-site] NSCar MAT to catch the soil and dust problem inside of the car
[RoCon 2012 on-site] Shinhwa Plannet to show educational joint robot kit 'Rokit Hunoi'
[RoCon 2012 on-site] 'Smart Kids' a service application for sharing children's kindergarten life and checking school bus site
[RoCon 2012 on-site] 'XiveTap', Shut off standby power with just one button!
RoCon 2012 on-site] Smart Robot 'Albert' which can interact with people
[RoCon 2012 on-site] 'E-wave' of Gyeongnam Provincial Namhae College, Robot Electronics department
[RoCon 2012 on-site] Focusing on Kyungnam University Research Center for Robot Intelligence Technology
[RoCon 2012 on-site] Robot Institute to introduce 'Kiro' educational Robot which recognizes voice
[RoCon 2012 on-site] 4D Movie Car equipping movable 4D system
[RoCon 2012 on-site] 3D movie Experience to show 'Robot Soldier'
[RoCon 2012 on-site] Goyoung Robotics to display educational 'Humanoid Robot'
[RoCon 2012 on-site] 'Capstone Board' of APPTRONICS which can make vareid products infinitely
[RoCon 202 on-site] 'ROBOLINK' which runs robot education program, from students to adults
[RoCon 202 on-site] SINCE to show 'Portable Automatic Pipe Cutting Robot'
[RoCon 2012 on-site] Robot promotion pavilion with movies to display various figures!
[RoCon 2012 on-site] SINTEK to show Huirulro, a robot for promotion
[Rocon 2012 on-site] Dongbu Robot to display Home service robot 'HOVIS lite' series
[Rocon 2012 on-site] Robotron to exhibit 'Tami' robots for education
[Rocon 2012 on-site] MiniRobot to present Dance humanoid Robot, 'Rovo nova-2' that dances to the song of Girl's generation group
[Rocon 2012 on-site] IR Robot to show game robot 'Lobsbot Catcher'
[Rocon 2012 on-site] 'KKUM Narmi Book Bus' which runs having children's dream
[Rocon 2012 on-site] UGS to change the watching culture with 'I-Stamping Robot'
[RoCon 2012 on-site] INNOTECH to draw lots of attention with 'NARMI' an automated guided vehicle
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