International Photonics Industry Exhibition and Conference 2020
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 Nanoom Tech(1)    매그나텍(1)    Soltech(1)    아이맷(1)    Ceres(1)    CG Lighting(1)    Daon C&T(1)    Dione Korea(1)    DONGWOO OPTRON(1)    FBG Korea(1)    Hanalux(1)    HDT(1)    Hive(1)    Humanlitech(1)    Hyorim(1)    Hyundai Rotech(1)    Incell(1)    i-Tech(1)    Korea Aviation Light(1)    Korea Electro-Optics(1)    LINKOPTICS(1)    Mo Green(1)    MYUNG SHIN MEDICAL(1)    Namomed(1)    New Green Korea(1)    Opticis(1)    Opto Marine(1)    OptoNest(1)    Optonics(1)    PiQuant(1)  
Language : :   Korean(46)    English(37)  
Latest News  
[Photonics Korea 2020] FBG Korea to introduce fiber optic grid sensor
[Photonics Korea 2020] CG Lighting to introduce color temperature conversion bicolor product ColoRex series
[Photonics Korea 2020] Unilux introduced lighting control system using CPLC technology
[Photonics Korea 2020] Dongwoo Optron to introduce super-precision spectrograph/optical analysis system
[Photonics Korea 2020] Soltech introduces optical communication network equipment
[Photonics Korea 2020] UNIQON introducing smart lighting control platform
[Photonics Korea 2020] Korea Electro-Optics introduces ultraviolet sterilizer CLEAN BUNKER ULS-10
[Photonics Korea 2020] Humanlitech to introduce semiconductor lighting technology
[Photonics Korea 2020] Linkoptics to introduce toilet stand helper LINK MAMA
[Photonics Korea 2020] Optonics to introduce superior polishing, coating, machining technologies
[Photonics Korea 2020] Hive Company to introduce data monitoring system using environmental sensors
[Photonics Korea 2020] SJ Photonics to introduce FBG sensor
[Photonics Korea 2020] New Green Korea to introduce LED technology in diverse areas
[Photonics Korea 2020] Aimat to introduce automatic waste sealing processor Purinu
[Photonics Korea 2020] Seyeon ENS to introduce emergency display device to prevent secondary accidents
[Photonics Korea 2020] Namomed to introduce easy-to-use personal skin care devices
[Photonics Korea 2020] Hyorim to introduce sterilization and disinfecting solution
[Photonics Korea 2020] Hyundai Rotech to introduce quality-first electricity and distribution systems
[Photonics Korea 2020] OptoNest to introduce MPO attenuator which dramatically reduced time and volume
[Photonics Korea 2020] TIP International to introduce IONBLUE Shake-Off, vehicle air purifier with drowsiness prevention feature
[Photonics Korea 2020] Myung Shin Medical to introduce infrared heater
[Photonics Korea 2020] Opticis to introduce digital optical communication device DPFX-700-TR
[Photonics Korea 2020] Opto Marine to introduce industrial optical modules and optical devices
[Photonics Korea 2020] WEGI to introduce track lighting for exhibition
[Photonics Korea 2020] Ceres to introduce independent solar power generation system
[Photonics Korea 2020] Hanalux to introduce LED lighting with optimized heating performance
[Photonics Korea 2020] i-Tech to introduce hologram indirect lighting Maesta
[Photonics Korea 2020] MagnaTech to introduce LED sports/large space lighting
[Photonics Korea 2020] HDT to introduce Mine, its X-ray generating device
[Photonics Korea 2020] PiQuant to introduce the water quality analyzer
[Photonics Korea 2020] Korea Aviation Light to introduce aviation obstacle indicator
[Photonics Korea 2020] Tronix to introduce e-IoT smart public lighting control system
[Photonics Korea 2020] Dione Korea to introduce skincare device Dione Plus
[Photonics Korea 2020] Incell to introduce lithium battery with proprietary BMS and packaging technology
[Photonics Korea 2020] MO Green to introduce LED plant growing machine Parpot
[Photonics Korea 2020] Nanoom Tech to introduce its AED for emergency medical use
[Photonics Korea 2020] Daon C&T to introduce bare ground smart farm control system

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