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Latest News  
[Video] 'Meet the Future' The 35 th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES 2019) Opens
[KIMES 2019] Curexo introduces quick and accurate spinal surgery robot CUVIS-spine
[KIMES 2019] DRGEM introduces auto-positioning X-ray system GSR-X
[KIMES 2019] Ecotron introduces time-saving C-ARM system Aniview 500DR
[KIMES 2019] Popit, the chair orthopedic surgeons recommend
[KIMES 2019] Cortina introduces fashion shoes optimized for hospitals for nurses OXPAS
[KIMES 2019] Man&Tel showcases rehabilitation medical device
[KIMES 2019] Huwellex introduces extracorporeal shock wave therapy and medical laser irradiation devices
[KIMES 2019] HuTech Introduces the "Jung Woo-sung" massage chair KAI SLS9
[KIMES 2019] Good TV introduces various hospital TV solutions
[KIMES 2019] GGM showcases the perfect match of geared motor and reducer
[KIMES 2019] H+ Yang Ji Hospital designated as SIRCAT
[KIMES 2019] Mediana showcases more accurate body fat measurement devices
[KIMES 2019] Mediana introduces easy-to-use AED A10
[KIMES 2019] Ecoray introduces mobile x-ray to patients
[KIMES 2019] Easy control of hospital beds with LINAK solution
[KIMES 2019] Motor 114 introduces economical driver Leadshine for compact and precise medical equipment
[KIMES 2019] Nice Medica introduces safety-clad radiation shield wear
[KIMES 2019] AdipoLABs introduces high-frequency cancer treatment equipment REMISSION1℃
[KIMES 2019] Plasmapp's low-temperature medical sterilizer STERLINK
[KIMES 2019] Dongmun's digital X-ray system DM-525MR
[KIMES 2019] Genoray introduces multi-talented digital X-ray OSCAR 15
[KIMES 2019] Listem's convenient and effective digital X-ray ADR
[Video] KIMES 2019 begins with the theme "Meet the Future"
[KIMES 2019] Medonica introduces its low-temperature plasma sterilizer with powerful sterilizing power
[KIMES 2019] Alpinion Medical System introduces ultra-compact ultrasound equipment Minisono and upgraded E-Cube
Korea's largest medical and hospital equipment show KIMES 2019 opens at Mar. 14
Korea's No.1 CryoTherapy Retailer Mgenplus Co., Ltd.
TRA GLOBAL to showcase MIIN Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser at KIMES 2019
what does Hengxin Boen Medical Technology, can do for you?
VEL.KOREA shows its most competitive beauty medical products at KIMES.
Regenbogen to Showcase Etrebelle, a Hybrid Filler of PLA & HA
Korea's No.1 CryoTherapy Retailer Mgenplus
Economical model, Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer " PURE 20"
Eyepia displays self-measurable glaucoma 'Sensia'
Medical AC-DC, Enclosed/Encapsulated Type (15W / 30W / 450W)
Pensées Inc. unveiled "Vitarix", a bio 3D printer that is capable of stacking living cells three dimensionally.
Low Temperature Plasma sterilizer (ZEUS 50 & ZEUS 130S) for the sake of health and a better life.
MEDIKORS exhibits 'InAlyzer AIR', 64ch Noble Bone Densitometry
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