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Latest News  
[MIK 2018] Company A Ent. Focused the Attention of Overseas Media by Unveiling the Webtoon-based Famous Romance Drama 'My First Love'
[MIK2018] Irisys Exhibits Iris-Face Recognition that can even Distinguish Identical Twins
[MIK2018] Smile System Introduces Travel Convenience Services Such as Baggage Custody and Rental of Seasonal Outfits
[MIK2018] Roboworks Exhibits an Educational Drone-Robot that Moves by Personal Coding
[MIK2018] Digital Play Introduces 'Hiker' - a Fitness Equipment that Promotes Height Growth
[MIK2018] BTMEDI Exhibits a Web-based Medical Tourism Specializing Platform
[MIK 2018] Sonic Dutch Korea Grabs the Attention of Overseas Media with 'Sonic Cold Brew Machine' Capable of Extracting Cold Brew in 5 Minutes
[MIK 2018] Green Tech Roll Introduces '360 Fones Toothbrush', A Spinning Toothbrush Combined with Interdental Toothbrush
[MIK2018] Foxtron Showcases Hair Loss Prevention Product, Dr. Pelo
[MIK2018] Boud Showcases Flexible Lifestyle Action Cam, 'OPPY'
[MIK2018] KEZ Introduces Bio-Sensing Smart Band Alarm for the Young and Elderly
[MIK 2018] Easy N Simple Reveals Hypoallergenic Skincare Brand, "ASIS-TOBE"
[MIK 2018] HI Medical Showcases High Frequency Beauty Equipment, Good Performance and Price
[MIK 2018] Onsaemiro Showcases 'Soroci Brand', Popular in US Markets
[MIK 2018] Soonsoo Food, Showcases Diet Food that is Both Tasty and Low on Calories
[MIK 2018] Semyung Showcases Many Health Products Made with Safe Ingredients
[MIK2018] Elfe showcases 'Balbadak Treasure Hunt Game' a map based game where users make missions to play
[MIK2018] Innomdle Lab showcases 'Open Ear Control' hearable earphone-headset line
Dream Farm showcases "Seolheun" a brand that uses only premium grade raw materials
[MIK 2018] Eroom Factory targets the Vietnam market with their skin improvement products
[MIK 2018] BKSU Showcases Skincare Product which is 99% Jeju Horse Oil
[MIK2018] DSD Tech Introduces Drone Station, 'WhileD', Advances Unmanned Drones
[MIK 2018] Ami Cosmetic Showcases Skincare Product made with Natural Ingredients
[MIK 2018] LUK Reveals Safe and Long Lasting Line Up, 'LUK Waterproof'
[MIK 2018] B2LiNK Showcases Skin 1004 Brand 'Centella Asiatica Toner', Based on Natural Ingredient
[MIK 2018] UFirst Reveals 'NUGUNA Neckband' to Protect Smartphone Zombies
[MIK 2018] WIFO Corporation showcases "TOUCHBEAT" for drum lessons at a reasonable price
[MIK2018] Modoo & Modoo showcases Modoobell for users with weak social-communication skills
[MIK2018] Nemoplan showcases Nahome Driver, a driver kit which turns a normal wheelchair into an electric wheelchair
[MIK2018] Tronix showcases 'e-Lot Smart Integrated Control System' to help local public lighting management problems
[MIK2018] ECOB, advances into the global market with their premium eco doormat "TalTal mat"
[MIK2018] Say On Media leaps into becoming a global video contents production company
[MIK 2018] ALPHA OPTRON Exhibits 'Nail Shiner' that can Last for More than 2 Weeks
[MIK] Pop Joy, Expected to Have Grand Launching of Strategic Mobile Game "Cartoon Network Arena" in October
[MIK 2018] CCC Develops 'POMI' – an Environment-Friendly Aqueous Nail Polish
[MIK 2018] Second Ground Exhibits 'Bacving' – a Sports Video Recording System
[MIK 2018] Teen Edu Exhibits Personally Customized Mentoring Matching Service
[MIK 2018] BUJA Roaster developed a Module-type Coffee Roaster
[MIK 2018] Natural Calcium-washed Calcium Apple to Eat in Peels
[MIK 2018] NEOPON developed Auricle-Wearable AI Bluetooth Earphones
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