IFA 2007
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Latest News  
[IFA 2007] Casio's digital camera supporting 60fps
[IFA 2007] Olympus to present entry-level DSLR camera 'E-510'
Sony to offer 4.8-inch navigation 'NV-U93T'
A unique microwave supporting TV and DVD playback
7-inch navigation device 'Xm' with photo view function
[Flagship Model] Philips soundbar home theater system 'HT8100'
[Flagship Model] Epson full HD home cinema projector 'EMP-TW2000'
[Flagship Model] Philips high-end metal photo frame
[Flagship Model] Toshiba to reveal 32GB USB flash
[Flagship Model] Mitsubishi full HD projector priced at below 2,000(EUR)
[Flagship Model] Mitsubishi to suggest high-end full HD projector 'HC6000'
[Flagship Model] Sharp to introduce BD 1-bit theater system 'BE-MPC70'
DataWind portable multimedia device 'PocketSurfer2'
Linux-based handheld gaming device 'GP2X'
[Flagship Model] LOEWE to display eco-friendly LED TV
[Flagship Model] Boston Acoustics 'TVee Model Two' converts TV sound to stereo
[Flagship Model] iLuv 'Yepp' docking speaker with Bluetooth connectivity
ThinkNavi to penetrate Europe navigation market with differentiated strategies
[Flagship Model] Fujitsu Siemens gaming notebook pc 'AMILO Xi 2528'
[Flagship Model] Panasonic 65-inch full HD PDP TV
Daewoo to present its 42-inch full HD TV with built-in DVB-T tuner
ONKYO to present 5.1-channel AV surround system 'HT-S 508'
[Flagship Model] Sharp 1-bit theater rack system 'AN-ACS1'
[Flagship Model] PANASONIC reference level Blu-ray player 'DMP BD-10'
[Flagship Model] Panasonic 42-inch full HD PDP TV
[Flagship Model] Panasonic 58-inch full HD PDP TV
LOEWE to present 42-inch TV connecting with portable devices
LOEWE to present 37-inch TV connecting with portable devices
[Flagship Model] LOEWE 52-inch full HD TV adopting 100Hz technology
[Flagship Model] LOEWE sound projector for 'LOEWE Individual'
[Flagship model] 1.1-inch digital photo frame
AEG to present its kitchen-use entertainment set
Philips to present its wireless music center
Sharp booth sketch at IFA 2007
HITACHI to introduce its first Blu-ray camcorder
Prototype Bluetooth headset powered by direct methanol fuel cell
TOSHIBA to introduce its ergonomic keyboard optimized for game
Universal remote controller for more than 15 devices
HITACHI to introduce its short-throw LCD projector
Hyundai IT to present its 24-inch FHD monitor with touch screen
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