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Latest News  
[ENVEX 2018] Prominent Korea, introduces Efficient and Safe Solutions for Quantitative Pumps, Sensors and Controllers
[ENVEX 2018] ACEN, introduces Odor Collection System 'AMS-2000'
[ENVEX 2018] Dong-il Canvas Engineering, Boasting the Lowest Moisture Content Cake Production ' Filter Press Dehydrator'
[ENVEX 2018] Vogelsang Korea, introduced the Pump and Shredder available in a Wide Range of Fields
[ENVEX 2018] Jewang TurboTech, exhibited a Single Turbo Blower
[ENVEX 2018] Ilsung, introduced 'Vacuum Stronger Suction Pump' which can be used in Various Fields
[ENVEX 2018] Getech, exhibited an Electric Dust Collector for Air Pollution Prevention
[ENVEX 2018] K-pack Korea, introduced Automatic Polymer Dissolving Unit and Excellent Environmental Products
[ENVEX 2018] Chunsei Industry, introduced Korea's Only Diaphgram Quantitive Pump
[ENVEX 2018] Wise Sensing, introduced Odor Monitoring System
[ENVEX 2018] Smart Analysis Guide for Air Quality Improvement, Smart City Grid ' Smart Air '
[ENVEX 2018] Royal Precision Industry, introduces a centrifugal dehydrator of solid design
[ENVEX 2018] 'Slit Saver' which is excellent for oily adulteration removal without back washing, of Vinna Macro
[ENVEX 2018] Consultation for purchase of environment machinery and equipment of development companies, was opened at consultation zone in C hall of COEX
[ENVEX 2018] 11th Korea-China environmental enterprise technology cooperation exchange meeting opened
[ENVEX 2018] Total solution of Bumsuk Engineering related to refrigerant treatment solves 'refrigerant', which is main cause of global warming
[ENVEX 2018] Conpotech, exhibits 'Ecopia', food waste disposer
[ENVEX 2018] 'DGA-X' a gas analyzer using differential optical absorption spectroscopy, of DONGWOO OPTRON
[ENVEX 2018] 'Multi-item water quality measuring instrument' which can measure precise data in all water environment, of Technology & Environment Corp.
[ENVEX 2018] Emchemtech, exhibits PEM typed hydrogen generator, 'H2Gen'
[ENVEX 2018] CHUNGRYU FnS, introduces CCEF SYSTEM removing foreign matter and moisture at the same time
[ENVEX 2018] Puresphere, shows Atmospheric Catalyst and Adsorbent
[ENVEX 2018] CJK, exhibits 'Liqui-Cel', exhibits Membrane for Gas Removal
[ENVEX 2018] Shinhan Pump Tech, exhibits Underwater Sprut Pumps
[ENVEX 2018] Kisan Machinery, exhibits a Banana-typed Underwater Stirrer
[ENVEX 2018] Muhan Technical, exhibited a Centrifugal Dehydrator
[ENVEX 2018] Hanmee Entec, introduced wastewater advanced treatment system 'HBR' construction method
[BEST of ENVEX 2018] Chunsei Industry, was selected as 'TOP 5' with Diaphragm type Chun Se Smoothie Quantitive Pump
[BEST of ENVEX 2018] Dong-il Canvas Engineering, was selected as 'TOP 5' with Filter Press Dehydrator
[ENVEX 2018] ZETA CREZEN, introduced the Ship Fire-Proof Robot
[BEST of ENVEX 2018] Jung Woo E&T, was selected as J-MBR Method that saves Power and Drug Costs
[BEST of ENVEX 2018] Ilseong, was selected as "TOP 5" by NEP certified Vacuum Strong Suction Pump
[BEST of ENVEX 2018] Royal Precision, was selected as 'TOP 5' with Centrifugation Dehydrator with Minimal Ingress of Foreign Substances
[ENVEX 2018] Sun Systems, exhibited 'Evaporation Determiner' for Separation and Discharge of Industrial Wastewater
[ENVEX 2018] '2018 Environment Seminar and Forum', held in COEX Conference Room and Exhibition Hall
[ENVEX 2018] '2018 Asia Environment Forum', held in Intercontinental, COEX
[ENVEX 2018] Water Resources Engineering Corporation, introduced 'Water pipeline location survey and internal image acquisition technology' using a convergence-type probe
[ENVEX 2018] Korea Industrial Equipment, introduced an Harmful Gas Measuring Device useful in the Workplace
[ENVEX 2018] KOREA TECHNOLOGIES, introduced a Non-metallic Chain Flight Sludge Collector System
[ENVEX 2018] Yusung Engineering, introduced Various De-icing and Digestive Gas Recycling System
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