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Latest News  
BIO KOREA 2018, successfully closed with confirmation of the future of global health
[BIO KOREA 2018] GreenLight Clinical, showing off a 30 % lower cost clinical trial called 'CRO'
[BIO KOREA 2018] Asan Medical Centre, showing 8 services with 'Core Lab'
[BIO KOREA 2018] Logos Biosystems, Inc., introducing a New Version of 'X-CLARITYTM Tissue Clearing System II'
[BIO KOREA 2018] Orthoheal Co., Ltd., a holding company of Korea University's medical technology, displaying "Inerskin", the Total Beauty Device
[BIO KOREA 2018] DINGS Korea: introducing various Actuators to operate a Machine
[BIO KOREA 2018] Kolmar BNH Co. showed off PHP packaging, which is easy to Ingest, and Health Functional Food
[BIO KOREA 2018] The Korean National Research Resource Centre: Introduction to various research materials used in basic and applied science
[BIO KOREA 2018] HANS Biomed, HANS Biomed Co., Ltd., introduced Human Skin Huskin for research with True Skin Penetration Testing
[BIO KOREA 2018] Medicine Transportation Specialized Company 'Brink's Global', Bio 2018 Participation!
[BIO KOREA 2018] Mediogen, a Specialist in Probiotics, enters into Finished Product OEM Business
'BIO, MEDICAL KOREA 2018', Successfully held in COEX… Met the Future of Global Health Care Industry
[Bio Korea 2018 Video Preview] DHL Korea, will introduce 'DHL Medical Express' service, a Premium Delivery Solution for Bio-Goods
[Bio Korea 2018 Video Preview] Honorem, will introduce One-Stop Clinical Trial Agent Service
[Bio Korea 2018 Video Preview] DaeWoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. aiming to enter the Top 50 Global Pharmaceutical Companies through 'Global 2020 Vision'
'BIO KOREA 2018' held at COEX, Seoul on May 9th, expected to provide an opportunity to know trends in next -generation immuno-anticancer drug technology companies

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