Healing Fair 2018
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Latest News  
Participated by 153 Companies, Korea's Largest Experience Type EXPO, 'Healing Fair 2018' has Closed its Curtains with Great Success
[BEST of Healing Fair] Goyang Tourism Convention Association, Selected as TOP 5 with introduction to Various Green Village Activities
[BEST of Healing Fair] Busan Economic Promotion Agency, Selected as TOP 5 with 609 Youth Mall
[BEST of Healing Fair] Plant Hospital, Chorokehsuh(on the green), Selected as TOP 5 with ECO-WALL, an Air Purifying Humidifier
[BEST of Healing Fair] Avocado, Selected as TOP 5 with Trendy Design and Functional Fabric
[BEST of Healing Fair] Hobbyful, Selected as TOP 5 with Easily Joyable 'Hobbyful Healing Class'
'Healing Fair 2018' Opens! Introduces Lifestyle that can Heal Body and Mind of Modern People
[Healing Fair 2018 Preview] INJIACTIVE, plans to introduce a Women's Sportswear that can be worn comfortably in Everyday Life
[Healing Fair 2018 Preview] One3Medi, plans to introduce Healing Factory Products that provides Joyful Healing Experience
[Healing Fair 2018 Preview] Turning the Fair Farming Industry into a Culture, Middle-aged Women Farmer CEO Central Association
[Healing Fair 2018] Café Thanks, introduces Low-Carbon Bakery that catches both Health and Taste
[Healing Fair 2018 Preview] Jellanam-do will introduce Clean Agriculture and Fishery Food, Jeonnam Export Cooperation Association
[Healing Fair 2018 Preview] Busan's Essential Course '609 Youth Mall', Meet at Healing Fair
[Healing Fair 2018 Preview] Asia's Small Europe, 'Macau Government Tourism Organization' that will introduce Macau Tour
[Healing Fair 2018 Preview] Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial Tourism Association, Introduces Jeju City Tour as a Free Travel Essential
[Healing Fair 2018 Preview] 'Middle-aged Women Farmer CEO Central Association' that takes care of the Countryside in the Mother's Mind
[Healing Fair 2018 Preview] Tobico will introduce the Pure Vegetable Lactobacillus made by Fermentation of Kimchi
[Healing Fair 2018 Preview] 'Avocado': Pursuing the Healthy and Beautiful Life of Modern Women
[Healing Fair 2018 Preview] 'WonsamMedi': On & Offline Healing Platform of Health Care Product
[Healing Fair 2018 Preview] 'Yecheon-gun Office', will introduce 'Insect Food' with High Protein Nutrients
Yoga Journal Live Korea and Asia 2018 taking place Simultaneously in 'Healing Fair 2018'
Healing Item, Various Contents in One Place! 'Healing Fair 2018' Opens in this April

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