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Latest News  
[KIMES 2018 Video] HIRONIC, introduced a range of Products, including Laser Fat Breakdown Equipment 'Slimmers'
[KIMES 2018 Video] PURSYS, introduced Smart Bed 'PRIZO' that Provides comfort to both Medical staffs and Patients
[KIMES 2018 Video] JOIN MEDICAL, introduced Various Products that makes Living More Healthy
[KIMES 2018 Video] InBody, introduced Body Composition Analyzer 'InBody770' and InBody Band
[KIMES 2018 Video] WonTech showing off a High-Tech 'PicoCare'
[KIMES 2018 Video] EntiRobot showcasing 'KineAssist-MX', a Medical Device for Balance Recovery and Walking Rehabilitation Training
[KIMES 2018 Video] SELVAS Healthcare introducing 'ACCUNIQ BP250', a Full-automatic Blood Pressure Gauge and 'ACCUNIQ BC380', a Body Fat Gauge
[KIMES 2018 Video] Konica Minolta · United imaging Healthcare showing off Innovative Medical Devices
[KIMES 2018 Video] 'Stop Abusing Drugs'...Medihub Co., Ltd introducing an Automated Syringe for Topical Use 'i-JECT' and Local Use 'i-JECT Pro'
[KIMES 2018 Video] Philips, unveiled Connected Monitoring Solutions that Contributes to Efficient Patient Management
[KIMES 2018 Video] META BIOMED exhibited an Integrated Endoscopic Catheter 'iDOLTHIN-S' equipped with a Camera in a Disposable Catheter
[KIMES 2018 Video] StraTek Co., Ltd introducing Various Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Machines including 3D Spinal Stabilization Device Computer System
[KIMES 2018 Video] Redbalance showcasing a Concept of Redcord Sling Exercise to Connect between Training and Rehabilitation
[KIMES 2018 Clips] REMED Co.,Ltd. showing off a High-Tech Medical Device 'Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation' by an Electromagnetic Field to treat Depression
[KIMES 2018 Video] Good TV INC introducing the TV solution for Sick Beds Convenient for Both Hospitals and Patients
[KIMES 2018] Open M Inc. showing off an 'Open Cast' that enables a Patient with a Plaster Cast to Take a Shower
[KIMES 2018] GOODLIFE Inc. exhibited a Home Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor for Patients with Hypertension.
[KIMES 2018] Optimus Solutions exhibited a 'Burn Machine' to Help in Preventing Frozen Shoulders and Strengthen Muscle Exercise
[KIMES 2018] DS MAREF exhibited a Pneumatic Massage Machine for Post-workout and Postpartum Care
[KIMES 2018] NT Robot introducing a Task-oriented Walking Rehabilitation Training System
[KIMES 2018] IM HEALTHCARE showcasing a Healthcare Game combining IoT and Fitness
[KIMES 2018] ivy-lab, presented High-frequency Thermal Cancer Treatment Device 'BSD-2000'
[KIMES 2018] Signers, presented SUPIA CR (Computed Radiography) System
[KIMES 2018] GRAND AESPIO INC. showcasing a High-Quality Lifting Thread with no Side Effects and an Ample containing 25% of Vitamins
[KIMES 2018] Medical Park, exhibited Automated Breast Ultrasound 'MammouS'
[KIMES 2018] Care Wear, introduced Differentiated Medical Uniform
[KIMES 2018] MYUNGSE CMK Co., Ltd. showing Hot & Cold Food Service Cart to provide Fresh Food for Patients
[KIMES 2018] YOUNG-IN Medical Co., Ltd. showcasing a Massage Machine Effective for a Manual Therapeutic Exercise and Management of Body Type
[KIMES 2018] Daerung, 'Electric Cold and Warm Wire Car' to be released in April
[KIMES 2018] Dentis, introduced LED Operation Light Brand 'Luvis'
[KIMES 2018] MMA KOREA, presented Various Medical Facility System
[KIMES 2018] BL Tech, exhibited Skin Renewable Dressing 'Neal Hydroge'
[KIMES 2018 Video] Samsung, introduced Advanced Medical Devices and Diagnostic Solutions
[KIMES 2018 Video] Eco-ray, introduced High Frequency X-ray Generator and X-ray System
[KIMES 2018 Video] Chammed, introduced Full HD Camera System based Medical Device
[KIMES 2018] A-MI GLOBAL, unveiled 'Hot-Cold Wearing Machine' used by turning on Microwave
[KIMES 2018] HANIL MEDIPIA, unveiled Cryogenic Treatment Device that Physically Treats with Heat Shock
[KIMES 2018] SOWHA, introduced Bed-type Electric Beds and Transportation Vehicles that reduced the Risk of Infection
[KIMES 2018 Video] JPI Healthcare, introduced X-ray System's Core Part 'X-ray Grid'
[KIMES 2018 Video] JVM, introduced Hospital and Pharmacy Automation System
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