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Latest News  
'ICT Device Lab' Challenges Global Smart Device Market
[MWC 2018] Clair, introduced Small Air Cleaner 'Clair B2' enhanced with Portability
[BEST OF MIK MWC] PowerSilicon, introduced 'Smart Lighting' that is combined with Various Functions
[BEST OF MIK MWC] JONGRO MEDICAL, introduced Health Care Device 'O'View-M' that enables Sperms Test
[BEST OF MIK MWC] UFIRST, introduced 'NUGUNA Neckband' that Notifies the Direction of High-pitched Tone through Wearable Technology
[BEST OF MIK MWC] Avade, introduced 'Smart Sleeping Child Checking Alarm System' to Prevent Child Negligence Accident
[BEST OF MIK MWC] Smart Sound, introduced Smart Stethoscope 'SKEEPER'
[BEST OF MIK MWC] Lillycover, introduced 'Lillycover' that enables Skin Analysis
[BEST OF MIK MWC] Livinlife, introduced 'Livin Shower' that gives you Intelligent Shower with Smart Shower
[BEST OF MIK MWC] MAETEL introduced 'PillowSofit', the Automatically Customized Smart Pillow
[BEST OF MIK MWC] Voixatch introduced Easy to Carry 'Wearable Ear Set applied with Smart Watch Bezel'
[BEST OF MIK MWC] Circulus, introduced Customized Social Robot 'piBo' for People Living Alone
[MWC 2018] Western Digital, introduced big data storage device, SD card
[MWC 2018] emporia, introduced Easy to Use Smartphone Series 'emporia'
[MWC 2018] thinfilm, introduced Smart Phone Marketing Solution for Eldery
[MWC 2018] Limebike, introduced 'LimeBike', a Carbon-Free Series with Smart Batteries
[MWC 2018] Leman micro devices, introduced Smart Phone Health Care Solution for Checking Your Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
[BEST OF MIK MWC] Naru Studio, introduced 'Mobile Game' and 'Gun Type Controller'
[MWC 2018] Streem, introduced Customer Support and Data Management Solution on Your Cell Phone
[MWC 2018] AVM, introduced ISDN Card conforming to European Standard
[MWC 2018] Vuzix, introduced Ultralight Smart Glasses 'Blade' equipped with AR
[MWC 2018] Vayyar, introduced Cancer Examination 3D Imaging Sensor 'Walabot'
[MWC 2018] Modius, introduced Low-Magnetic Electric Headset 'Modius' that helps Metabolism and Weight Loss
[BEST OF MIK MWC] Libest, introduced Flexible Battary Mounted 'LiFlex Strap'
[BEST OF MIK MWC] Lui Technology, introduced 'Smart Device Solution' that is Suitable for Various Environment
[BEST OF MIK MWC] ROZETATECH, introduced Quick Fire Alarm 'Smart Call'
[BEST OF MIK MWC] Network Korea, introduced Easily Usable Smart Plug 'Akigo'
[BEST OF MIK MWC] Gwangjin Enterprise, introduced 'Pest Control Machine'
[BEST OF MIK MWC] 3.14, will introduce Educational Robot 'Kamibot'
[BEST OF MIK MWC] PARKELICT, introduced Emotion Healing Application 'Ice'
[BEST OF MIK MWC] Twouz, introduced 'Management and Solving System of Property in No Use'
[BEST OF MIK MWC] TELEPASEE, introduced a 'New Concept Translation System'
[BEST OF MIK MWC] Sigmadelta Technology, introduced an Effective 'Module System'
[BEST OF MIK MWC] GOQUAL, introduced 'Smart Lighting Switch' and 'Integrated Solution'
[BEST OF MIK MWC] Hidden Track, introduced 'Linder Partners', a Calendar Marketing Solution
[BEST OF MIK MWC] PT Insight, introduced 'ZAMIZEMI', a Teaching Aid of Making Shadow Pictures
[BEST OF MIK MWC] Coresight, introduced 'Game Analysis Solution' for Processing High-Capacity Game Data
[BEST OF MIK MWC] HOBB, introduced 'VR Selfie', a Selfie Enjoying in Virtual Reality
[BEST OF MIK MWC] Bam Haneul Geurim Jari, introduced 3D animation 'Albi and Mela'
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