SEK 2007
Mobile  Cellphone(13)   MP3P(6)   Misc.(4)   UMPC(2)   VoIP(2)   4G Technology(1)   MobileTV(1)   Earphone Headset(1)   Navigation(1)   Display(1)  
Computing  Monitor(5)   Notebook(4)   Network(4)   Desktop(3)   Peripheral (3)   Misc.(3)   Component(2)   Software(2)   Storage(1)   DivX(1)   Printer(1)  
Life  Robot(1)  
Housing  Home Network(1)  
Industry  Field News(1)  
AV/PA  ProAudio(1)   TV(1)   Misc.(1)   HD-DVD/Blu-ray(1)  
 Samsung Electronics(15)    LG Electronics(14)    Linksys(3)    iLuv(3)    Best Tech System(2)    Zacod(2)    Kohjinsha(1)    Device I&C(1)    Microsoft(1)    Microtech System(1)    Mozedesign(1)    Bluvis(1)    Sejak(1)    NTech(1)    Wow Tech(1)    Unicorn(1)    Innowell(1)    Xeno(1)    Colossus(1)    Curocom(1)    Turex(1)    True Systems(1)    Firstor(1)    Felix Information&Communication(1)    4Dculture(1)    KITRI(1)    Fujitsu(1)    Blue Focus(1)    ETRI(1)    KT(1)  
언어별 기사 수:   Korean(147)    English(68)    Chinese(Simplified)(45)    German(32)    Japanese(23)    Russian(18)    Spanish(13)    Portuguese(Brazil)(12)    French(4)  
Latest News  
LG 'SV300' with enhanced writing/viewing/listening features
Sejak to introduce its 3D image making website ''
Samsung to present its 7-inch wireless photo frame
Zacod to present its new concept touchpad ‘PDA touch version'
Samsung to present IP video phone 'SMT-i8000' running on SIP
Samsung to present its 27-inch wide monitor 'SynMaster 275T'
Samsung to present its 20-inch LED backlight monitor 'SyncMaster XL20'
Wireless presenter 'Z-motion' featuring 3D space recognition
Firstor to present its 2.5-inch SSD for low-power laptop
ETRI to demo its emotional robot pet 'KOBIE'
BluVis to present its 3D video editor 'Eazy 3D'
LG to present 20-inch monitor 'Flatron L206WU'
Blue Focus to display Iris diaphragm microscope-type camera
Hard disc case adopting power management processor
EonStor to present its 4G Fibre storage 'F16F-R4031’
Best Tech to present its network storage server 'N5200 Pro'
Truesystem to show intelligent keyboard 'iboard'
Microsoft to introduce 3D map service using joystick
3D whole body scanner adopting DSP camera
Samsung to present its wireless IP phone 'SMT-W6100'
Rebirth to present its 'Multi Presenter' in Korea
LG to display its LCD TV 'QUIDAM' featuring sensitive design
LG to showcase its 'Shine slide TV' phone
[Hot Issue] Zacod to unveil its 3-axis keyboard faster than qwerty
Felix to present its 'ZigBee RF Module' with end device, router and coordinator
Unicorn to present its DIVX player ‘MX-760HD’
Wow Technology to introduce its ergonomically designed pen mouse
LG to present its apple-green colored 'Banana Phone'
[New Technology Top 5] Movie data transmission by human body communication
Samsung to present its 3D LCD DMB phone 'SCH-B710'
[Hot Issue] Qualcomm and KTF to launch 'WIPI 2.0B' phone
Digital device adapting KT Wibro service(2) - Samsung phone ‘SPH-8100'
Digital device adapting KT Wibro service(1) - LG Chocolate PDA phone
Qualcomm to present its mobile TV standard 'MediaFLO'
Best tech to introduce its NAS server mounting Intel Celeron M processor
Turex to present acrylic pc case with enough room
[Digital AV Top 5] LG's Super Multi Blu Player
[Unique Design] LG to unveil its 24-inch monitor with dual dispaly
[Unique Design] Samsung to present wireless IP phone 'SMT-W6100'
[Networking Issue] Linksys to present Wireless-N network adapter
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