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The Future of the Content Industry in Gyeonggi Province
[BEST OF MIK CES 2018] Coding & Play, 'Root robot' will be Released for Coding Education Exclusively in Korea
[CES 2018] CORE Introduced an AIO(All in one) 360 Degree Live System
[BEST OF MIK CES 2018] It Guides User's Attitude and Supports Work Environment, GAZELAB
[BEST OF MIK CES 2018] LetinAR, a Solution to Help to Enjoy Augmented Reality without Dizziness
[BEST OF MIK CES 2018] Looxid Labs, Mobile-based VR Headset 'LooxidVR' for Eye and Brainwave Interface
[BEST OF MIK CES 2018] VR Carver, Experience a Sport, Difficult for Ordinary People to Access, with VR
[BEST OF MIK CES 2018] ACEN, a Portable Odor Measuring Equipment 'AOMS-1000'
[BEST OF MIK CES 2018] Anyractive, a IoT Electronic Board which can be Used as an Electronic Board for Any Screen 'GoTouch'
[BEST OF MIK CES 2018] RF's Self-Driving Window Cleaning Robot, 'Windowmate'
[BEST OF MIK CES 2018] More Advanced Clair's Air Cleaner, 'CUBE' is Introduced
[BEST OF MIK CES 2018] CUBROID, Unveiled an Artificial Intelligence Coding Robot 'CURO' for the First Time
[CES 2018] Rocketbook, unveiled an Intelligent Notebook 'Wave', possible to Transmit Memo Contents
[CES 2018] Opcom Farm, unveiled GrowBox, an All-In-One Cultivation System for Growing Vegetables at Home
[CES 2018] Nanoleaf, unveiled a Smart Lighting making Daily Life Splendid
[CES 2018] Muuselabs, unveiled a Wi-Fi Speaker for Parents and Children
[CES 2018] SONY, unveiled Various Audio Equipment, Earphones and Speakers
[CES 2018] Cosmo, unveiled a smart helmet for cyclists
[CES 2018] SONY, unveiled XPERIA XA2 and XPERIA EAR
[CES 2018] CabinR, unveiled a Bag with Alarm System Function
[CES 2018] BEYERDYNAMIC, unveiled Aventho Wireless Headset, which Individual Sound tuning is Available
[CES 2018] Scosche, unveiled a Bluetooth Speaker, 'BoomBottle'
[CES 2018] LG Electronics, unveiled V30 in Raspberry Rose Color
[CES 2018] LG Electronics, unveiled a next-generation Gram laptop, upgraded drastically
[CES 2018] LG Electronics, unveils a Premium TV Line-Up with Perfect Image Quality
[CES 2018] SOLO, introduced an Useful Electric Vehicles for Commute
[CES 2018] LG ThinQ hub, makes Home-Appliances in House Smarter in a Word
[CES 2018] LG Electronics, unveiled various Audio Equipment made in Collaboration with United Kingdom Meridian Audio
[CES 2018] QIHAN, unveiled a Robot 'Sanbot Max' with Accuracy and Efficiency
[CES 2018] WAYBAY, unveiled AR Technology for Future Cars
[CES 2018] OhMiBod, unveiled Fuse and Esca to provide Pleasant Stimulus
[CES 2018] Catalyst, unveiled an Advanced Protection Case for Airpod
[CES 2018] HANCOM, introduced an Artificial Intelligence 'MDS robot'
[CES 2018] Monster, unveiled Various Audio Equipment that Boasts the Best Sound Quality
[CES 2018] Omron, introduced a Smart Ping-Pong Ball Pickup Robot
[CES 2018] Polaroid, unveiled a Polaroid Camera with Modern Design 'OneStep2' and 'POP'
[CES 2018] Intel, unveiled Various 5G/AD/AI/VR Products and Systems
[CES 2018] IBM introduces Watson, an Artificial Intelligence
[CES 2018] AEE, introduced 'AEE selfly', a Smart Phone Case with the World's First Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
[CES 2018] HUAWEI, unveiled 'Mate 10 pro' with Enhanced Camera Performance and 'Smart Home System'
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