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Latest News  
[MIK 2017] Air Black Presents an "Africa Advance System" Using Public Data
[MIK 2017] Comell Presents Tea Bags for Dogs Using Natural Ingredients
[MIK 2017] Sewon Material Presents Two Healthy and Safe Alkaline Toothpaste Lesain
[MIK 2017] Nauty Group Presents "Americano," an Analog Touch Smartphone Wallet
[MIK 2017] VR CARVER Presents VR Sports Exclusive Simulator
[MIK 2017] Hunhun Soft, Presenting Pinonmap, a Tour Information Sharing Platform Based on Offline Maps
[MIK 2017] FAKE EYES, Presenting COLONY AVENGERS, an Online Multi-Player Mobile VR FPS Game
[MIK 2017] Goyang Industry Promotion Agency, Supporting the IT Village in a Project of Connection with and Support of Prospecting Enterprises
[MIK 2017] SWALLABY, Presenting WorkON, a Health-caring Platform Based on Big Data
[MIK 2017] DSPOne Presenting Future-Oriented Platform
[MIK 2017] Nine Fox Unveiled IOT-based Air Cushion Shoe for All-In-One Skin Care
[MIK 2017] Melephant Unveiled Seeso, a Fandom-Based Video Platform
[MIK 2017] Kookmin University Foundation Support Team(Foundation Leading University) to Foster Start-up of Global Creative Convergence
[MIK 2017] 'Hanyang University Foundation Support Team', a Leader of the Founding Culture, Participated in 'MIK 2017' Event, a Bridgehead of the Global Market
[MIK 2017] IT Village Showed 'i-Order', an Integrated Distribution and Sales Management Solution
[MIK 2017] VitaFoods, Presented Traditional Nurungji with Improved Taste and Nutrition
[MIK 2017] Pioom Cosmetics Presented "Two-in-one Body Perfection" to Help Skin Whitening
[MIK 2017] Airtech Presents a New Concept Air Cleaner that Can Carry Anywhere
[MIK 2017] Beautiqlo Presents Natural Cosmetics with Safe and Mild Ingredients
[MIK 2017] Sunhyang Introduced Dual Functional Mask Pack, Brand "SWLD"
[MIK 2017] Grand Plastic Surgery Clinic Introduces Dr.Grand+, Enabling Self-Cosmetic Care
[MIK 2017] Rozeta Tech Introduces "Smart Call", IoT Smart Fire Monitoring System
[MIK 2017 Focus] Certifying Promising Companies Granting "2017 MADE IN KOREA brand" Certificates
[MIK 2017 Focus] Hidden Track won MIK 2017 'To be Top Start Up' Competition Awards
[MIK 2017 Focus] A great number of Global Media Joined the Press Pitching
[MIK 2017 Focus] Platform Consulting by invited international experts Came to Order
[MIK 2017 Focus] Conference for SNS Marketing and Crowdfunding platform is Held
[MIK 2017 Focus] 12th VIP ASIA AWARDS 2017 is Held
Let's Go Global, The Curtain of 'MIK 2017 Conference & Networking Party' Has Risen

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