2017 BISS
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Latest News  
[2017 BISS] SOOOOL, Has Set MOU Successfully with Shimizu Industrial, Japan
[2017 BISS Video] The Opportunity for New Business Creation! The progress of Korea's Footwear Distribution MD Meet & Greet
[2017 BISS] Lets Reduce Foot Tiredness & Prevent Injuries with 'X-SOLE', Young Chang Eco Co
[2017 BISS] World Corporation, Introduced Conveniently Usable 'bullmer'
[2017 BISS] SM Trade, Introduced 'Intelligent Type 360 degrees Head Turning Pattern Sewing Machine'
[2017 BISS] Skinshoes Korea, Introduced No Adhesion Process 'Aqua Shoes' & 'Second Shoes'
[2017 BISS] A Children Brand of Infusion Projects, 'Boogie Bear' Presented 100% Waterproof 'Winter Bono Boots'
[2017 BISS] Sun-Tech Presented 'ST-6040HS' that Adopted IoT Technology
[2017 BISS] J.Daul Presented "Superb" with Superior Design
[2017 BISS] Treksta Presented 100% Satisfactory Cobra Series that Achieved a Tremendous Sales Volume
[2017 BISS] KUKDONG MACHINERY Introduced Touch Screen Function Strengthened 'Hydraulic TOELASTA KD-AT14'
Korea's Only One Shoe Show '2017 Busan International Shoe Show', held on 2nd at BEXCO
[Preview BISS 2017] Blue Peach to Display Height-Elevator Shoes and Knit Shoes
[Preview of BISS 2017] SHOE PLACE, to Display Shoes of Various Designs
[Preview BISS 2017] INNUS Korea, Co., Ltd. to Disclose Environment-Friendly Assembled Shoes, "KI ecobe"
[Preview BISS 2017] LB KOREA, Will Introduce Orthopedics Functioned Bio-functional Shoes
[Preview BISS 2017] ADAGE, Will Introduce Functional Dance Shoes
[Preview BISS 2017] SONSHINBAL, Will Exhibit Leather and Outsole that Used Press Machine and Laser Machine
[Preview BISS 2017] KUKDONG Co., Ltd., Will Introduce TORASTA KD-AT14
[Preview BISS 2017] Fun and Cute Combined Button Rabbit, Sharp Dinosaur LED Lighting Will Be Exhibited

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