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Latest News  
Palm-size 'multimedia' speaker
Qstarz GPS application(3) – solar powered GPS Travel Recorder
Qstarz GPS application(2) - 44-channel Bluetooth receiver 'BT-Q844'
USB memory featuring mother-of-pearl material
A TEAM Computer to present its fashionable USB memory
Bluetooth stereo headsets in various colors
Qstarz GPS application(1) - Travel Recorder ‘BT-Q1000’
RAIDMAX to introduce its gaming PC case 'SMILODONⅡ'
pqi to present its wireless touch keyboard 'TSK-VK7'
LAVOD to introduce its aluminum mp3 player 'Music Tube'
VASSTEK to present DIY type camera 'TravelCAM'
Hands cooling device 'DESKCool'
XFX to present its NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra graphic card
Soundgraph to display its 7-inch touchscreen LCD 'Front View'
Gemtek to present its WiMAX pc card
SavitMicro to introduce its multimedia player 'cineDISK'
Card reader adopting 4G memory capacity
RITEK to present its 25GB Blu-ray discs
iPod docking speaker 'TubePot' featuring classic super sound effect
Transcend to introduce its mobile TV supporting DVB-T
PRO-Q to introduce its IP network camera adopting 2.4GHz wireless pan
USB lamp with 6-piece white LED
ECS to introduce concept PC 'Magic box' adopting MCE remote control
Golden Bridge Electech to present its solar charger 'Zubene'
Transcend to introduce its SDHC memory card
Transcend to introduce its 1.8-inch SSD flash disk
XFX to present its motherboard adopting NVIDA nForce 680i SLI
Transcend to present 2.5-inch SSD IDE flash disk
Quanta to demonstrate its OLPC adopting AMD Geode processor
A multimedia keyboard supporting webcam and Skype
Up Select Electronics to present its Skype mouse
Thermaltake to showcase its tuning pc
A scanner reading 100 images per minute
Intel to display a new concept PC
ADATA to present 32GB flash memory with USB port
ASUS to present its 3M camera phone 'V90'
[Powered by NVIDIA] Samsung 'Q45' adopting GeForce 8400M G
ADATA to display Disney-themed USB memories
All In One Display to present its 22-inch wide LCD monitor 'NACO'
Slim design and light weight notebook cooler 'X Cool'
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