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Latest News  
[MIK 2018] Gyeongnam Techno Park to seek ways for Industrial Development with Promising Korean Companies It is Supporting
[MIK 2018] Ondol Life Reveals the Excellent Technology of Ondol through 'Red-Soil Foot Goodeul'
[MIK 2018] LUMACA, Unveils ISO8936 Standard Compliant Vehicle Side Awning 'LUMACA Awning'
[COEX EDUCARE IMAGE] LG U+, Introduced U+ TV Children's World a Children Only Service
[COEX EDUCARE IMAGE] ANUK x Baqui, Introduced Cozy and Pleasant Outdoor Tent
[COEX EDUCARE IMAGE] WIMSTORY, Presented a World Map 'Map Friends' That Children's Could Naturally Learn
[COEX EDUCARE IMAGE] Gaia Corporation, Presented Over 50 Famous Overseas Brands Children's Toys
[COEX EDUCARE IMAGE PREVIEW] SMARTSTUDY, Released 'PINKFONG First English Beam Edition', a First English Complete Book which Enables Learning by Singing
[COEX EDUCARE IMAGE] CHIC 4 BABY, Presented Pronto Wagon
[COEX EDUCARE IMAGE] YeaRimDang, Exhibited Educational Series that Communicates with Mother
[COEX EDUCARE IMAGE] TUNTUN ENGLISH ENGLI C, Introduced an Infant English Complete Book Mother Goose Father Goose'
[COEX EDUCARE IMAGE] Small & Medium Business Corporation, Attended COEX EDUCARE!
[COEX EDUCARE] SAMWON EDU, Introduced Climb Block that Enhances Children's Creativity
[COEX EDUCARE] Chamvit Solution, Showcased 'My Face Photo Character' Made with One Photo
[COEX EDUCARE] Children's Book Fair, Attended with 10 Booths and Introduced a 'Book Bus'
[COEX EDUCARE] ROBOROBO, Introduced Coding Teaching Tool 'UARO'
[COEX EDUCARE] NINO KOREA, Introduced Nino Mirror Board Puzzle and others
[COEX EDUCARE] Nabita World, Introduced Kids Total Brand HABA with All Products of Nabita World
[COEX EDUCARE] ToyQ, Introduced Premium Toy
[COEX EDUCARE] World Family English Korea, Introduced World Family Club that enables Conversation Directly with Native Speaker
[COEX EDUCARE] i-challenge, Introduced Amusement Education Program for Preschooler that Develops Possibility
[COEX EDUCARE] Great Books, Introduced 'Hello Heart', That Gives Empathy and Healing

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