Communic Asia 2017
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Latest News  
'Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency DIP' Records 22 Million Dollar Counseling Result in 'Communic Asia 2017'
[CommunicAsia 2017 DIP] Korea E3 Test Institute Inc. Introduced Accessories Using Electromagnetic Wave Absorption Technology
[CommunicAsia 2017 DIP] Woo Kyung Information Technology, 'SecuWatcher', a Professional Image Security System, Crisscross the Global Market
[CommunicAsia 2017 DIP] Raphael C.I Releases Faster and More Accurate Domestic Raw Material Price Predicting System
[CommunicAsia 2017 DIP] IDSCOREA Aims at Global Market with Domestic Native Solution Based On Geographic Information System
[CommunicAsia 2017 DIP] Insol M&T Targets the Global Market with 'Augmented Reality' Solution that Enables the Best Immersive Experience
[CommunicAsia 2017 DIP] Network Korea, Presenting Its 'IoT Smart Concept' for Saving Electricity
[CommunicAsia 2017 DIP] Neuronworks, Displaying Its IoT Middleware, "iNEWRON,' That Is Able to Process Real-Times Messages Between Things
One of The Big Four IT Exhibition 'Communic Asia' Opened
Domestic IT&SW companies with bright prospects in full view! Daegu Joint Booth at 'Communic Asia 2017, Singapore!'

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