ENVEX 2017
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Latest News  
[ENVEX 2017] Prominent Korea, Introduced Intelligent Type Metering Pump 'Gamma X'
[ENVEX 2017] DJAOP, Introduced Ion Sterilization Type Food Sterilization Water Device
[ENVEX 2017] SUNJIN B&T, Introduced Odor-Band, an Environment-Friendly Deodorant Mounted Non-Powered Odor Discharge Tower
[ENVEX 2017] KENVITECH, Introduced Infrared Hyperspectral Camera
[ENVEX 2017] JST, Introduced Biaxial Hydraulic Crusher
[ENVEX 2017] APM, Introduced Fine Dust Sampler
[ENVEX 2017] HTS, Introduced Fluidized Bed Carrier Biological Treatment Facilities
[ENVEX 2017] Providing A Total Solution for the Air Quality Improvement with Independent Source Technology, Taeyoung M&F
[ENVEX 2017] K-pack, Introduced Automatic Polymer Dissolving Unit
[ENVEX 2017] CheonSEI, Introduced Hydraulic By-Pass Type Metering Pumps
[ENVEX 2017] 'Any Q of A-INTEC' Introduced an Intensive High Technology Food Waste Treatment System
[ENVEX 2017] 'Daeryoek' Exhibited "EP-70K-A", a Food Waste Treatment System
[ENVEX 2017] 'YOUNG IN ST' Will Introduce Advanced Analysis Instrument
[ENVEX 2017] KORBI, Introduced Water TMS and Process Control Measuring Instruments
[ENVEX 2017] HANSO, INC. Introduced Environmental Material Product to Solve the Air Pollution
[ENVEX 2017] SUNRAY, Introduced an Equipment for Smooth Experiment Research Activities and Working Environment Improvement
[ENVEX 2017] CLEAN1, Introduced Recyclable Materials Separation Collector that Enables to Reduce Waste and to Save Resources
[ENVEX 2017] KNJ Engineering, a Specialized Company in Air Measuring Equipment
[ENVEX 2017] Jongro Measuring Instruments, Introduced Various Environmental Area Equipment's Such as Real Time Fine Dust Indicator
[ENVEX 2017] HYOLIM, Introduced Non-Metal Loop Chain Flights Type Sludge Collector
[ENVEX 2017] Middle East Africa Forum Opens at ENVEX 2017
[ENVEX 2017] WEKOTEC, Introduced an On-line Automatic Water Quality Analyzer
[ENVEX 2017] VOGELSANG KOREA, Introduced Special Components and systems
[ENVEX 2017] Yeungnam University, Industrial Consortium, Participated in ENVEX 2017
[ENVEX 2017] Travelling Exhibition of Korea-China-Japan Environmental Industry Technology, Participated in ENVEX 2017
[ENVEX 2017] ECOPRO, Exhibited Eco-friendly, Organic Compound 'VOCs' Removal System
[ENVEX 2017] ACI, Exhibited Gravity Ballistic Sorting Machine
[ENVEX 2017] Jung Woo, Introduced ESAC MBR Water Treatment System
[ENVEX 2017] ECOSET, Exhibited Poultry Butchery Waste Sludge Dewatering System
[ENVEX 2017] DONGIL, Exhibited Water Sorption Felt High Pressure Type Belt Press
The Opening of ENVEX 2017, The Fourth Industrial Revolution Convergence Environmental Industry Technology Trend suggested
[ENVEX 2017 Preview] Consortium of Konkuk University, will introduce Excellent Techonologies related to Air and Water Quality Improvement with Domestic colleges and Universities
[ENVEX 2017 Preview] 'Any Q of A-INTEC' will introduce an Intensive High Technology Food Waste Treatment System
[ENVEX 2017 Preview] 'Daeryoek' Will Exhibit "EP-70K-A", a Food Waste Treatment System
[ENVEX 2017 Preview] 'HANSO Co., Ltd. (formerly LEADGENEX)' Will Introduce Environmental Materials Products which will solve the Air Pollution
[ENVEX 2017 Preview] 'SOWONTMS' Will Introduce Advanced Multi Gas Measuring Instrument of FTIP Method
[ENVEX 2017 Preview] 'JEONGHAN Tech' Will Introduce Weight Reducing Device that Maximized Convenience and Economy
[ENVEX 2017 Preview] 'YOUNG IN ST' Will Introduce Advanced Analysis Instrument
[ENVEX 2017 Preview] 'Jung Woo ENT' Will Exhibit 'ESAC MBR Water Treatment System' That Cleans the Separation Membrane Itself
[ENVEX 2017 Preview] 'KORBI' Will Introduce Various New Products from Water TMS Measuring Instrument to Process Control Measuring Instrument
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