KOBA 2017
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Latest News  
[KOBA 2017] Daehan Ultravision Launched Various Displays that Don't Require Installation
[KOBA 2017] HGST Presented High-Capacity Hard Disk with High Stability
[KOBA 2017] Hansam System Introduced Stages and Broadcast Lightings
[KOBA 2017] TEKTRONIX Presented Video Solutions
[KOBA 2017] Kevic Introduced Pro Audio Equipment
[KOBA 2017] InterM Introduced Industrial Sound Broadcasting Equipment
[KOBA 2017] DMlite Showed LUMOSLED Lighting Series
[KOBA 2017] Darim Vision Introduces M Studio Solution
[KOBA 2017] Galaxia Electronics Presented Video Multi-System
[KOBA 2017] Cinetech Introduced Foldable Jib Crane System 'X-jib'
[KOBA 2017] Calla Introduced 8 Channel HD Video Switcher with Embedded Subtitle Equipment
[KOBA 2017] YOUNGDO Introduced EPIC Multi-viewer
[KOBA 2017] SAMA Introduced IP-based 4K/UHD Production Solution
[KOBA 2017] LUMANTEK Introduced 4Ch Full-HD Switcher 'VS4'
[KOBA 2017] NAMSUNG INDUSTRIES CO. Introduced Sports Game Live Tool 'XT 4K'
[KOBA 2017] MALGN Introduced CMS 'KeyFlow ADAMS'
[KOBA 2017] CBS Introduced Internet TV Service 'OTT'
[KOBA 2017] TAMURA Introduced 'NT110', a Digital Portable Mixer
[KOBA 2017] PI International Introduced UHD Broadcast Relay Module
[KOBA 2017] DONGYANG DIGITAL Introduced an Audio Mixer STUDER 'VISTA X'
[KOBA 2017] K2E, introduced UHD 4K, 'UMC-2016C'
[KOBA 2017] Green Trading, '27th Korea International Broadcast, Audio & Lighting Equipment Show(KOBA 2017)' Participation
[KOBA 2017] Thunder Technology, Introduce Sound Equipment installing at Jeonju World Cup Stadium and the Ice Hockey Stadium of Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
[KOBA 2017] Diogixs, Introducing dispersed Broadcasting Public Address System
[KOBA 2017] Exhibit Kinoton Korea, Daktronics' Display Module
[KOBA 2017] Exhibit Visual Research Inc., 4K UHD Text Graphic System 'Tornado2 4K UHD'
[KOBA 2017] EBS, Exhibit Mobile Contents for Elementary School Students, 'School Jam'
[KOBA 2017] LaCie, High Definition & High Dose Video Data Storage Device Shown
[KOBA 2017] The Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association, Localization Broadcast System 'KOBA-TV' Demonstration
[KOBA 2017] 'Manfrotto Nitrotech' N8 Video Head Opening
[KOBA 2017 Preview] Pro Television Technologies to Introduce Layered Division Multiplexing
[KOBA 2017 Preview] BDI to Show Camera Control System
[KOBA 2017 Preview] 'TOHO GAKUEN' Aims at being Professionals in the Entertainment World
[KOBA 2017 Preview] ASL to Show Advanced Speaker
[KOBA 2017 Preview] Malgn Technology to Show NLE Prodution System
[KOBA 2017 Preview] Riverstone Media to Introduce Subtitle Switcher

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