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Latest News  
Kitchen & Bath Korea 2017(KINBA 2017) Ends in a Great Success
[KINBA 2017] HTM Exhibited All-in-One Hair and Body Dryer
[KINBA 2017] AD Design Exhibited Bathroom Drainage, 'AQUA:M'
[KINBA 2017] Hit Induction Exhibited Three Burners Hybrid Range
[KINBA 2017] Shinwon Honors Exhibited Toilet 'Puro' without Water Tank
[KINBA 2017] BIS Exhibited Electric One-Touch Outlet
[KINBA 2017] Docs Medi Introduces the 'DocTrust Series', Oral Care Products of Natural Ingredients
[KINBA 2017] Vita INC Presented 'H201', a Shower Filter with High Practicality
[KINBA 2017] BIZJUMP, Introduced 'CLEACHEN', an Environmentally Friendly Multi-Sterilizer
[KINBA 2017] '800℃', a Company Specializing in Cast Iron Kitchenware, presented a Product that Combines Overseas Surface Treatment Technology
[KINBA 2017] All-in-one Cooker with the Largest Number of Functions, 'ALLDA', Participated in KINBA 2017
'Kitchen & Bath Korea 2017' Was Held Simultaneously with Korea World Food Championship at KINTEX
An Era of DIY, 'Self Kitchen Interior' for Mood Change Rises
"Planterior" with Nature, Extends to Bathroom
Open-style Kitchen where Families Can Gather Emerged as a Trend
Growth of Kitchen & Bathroom Industry Worldwide, Visitors Gather at Renowned International Exhibitions
"Home Furnishing" and "Kitchen interior," are Attracting Global Attention
[KINBA 2017 Preview] KOMAX to Exhibit Convenient New Product, 'KOMAX MICROWAVE COOK WARE'
'2017 Micro Enterprise Competition' and '2017 KOREA World Food Championship' will be held from 2~5th at KINTEX, Ilsan
Kitchen and Bath Related Information at One Place! 'KITCHEN & BATH KOREA(KINBA 2017)' will be held this November
The opening of Korea's first Kitchen and Bath Conference 'KITCHEN & BATH KOREA(KINBA) 2017'

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