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Latest News  
[BEST OF WIS 2017] Fine Robotics, Introduced 'I'SENSE PLUS', a Robot Mop Cleaner
[BEST OF WIS 2017] uPrism, Introduced Solutions for 'Wired and Wireless Integrated Video Conference'
[BEST OF WIS 2017] dot, Introduced 'Dot Watch' a Braille Smart Watch
[BEST OF WIS 2017] BNP Innovation, Demonstrated Wearable Solution 'SMARTSEE'
[BEST OF WIS 2017] AIRTEC, Introduced Character Air-Purifier 'LARVA'
[BEST OF WORLD IT SHOW 2017] RF, Introduced 'Window Mate' a Window Cleaning Robot
[BEST OF WORLD IT SHOW 2017] STELLAMOVE, Introduced 3D Printer for Consumer Use
[BEST OF WORLD IT SHOW 2017] Cedar Introduced Future Type 'Digital Signage' Cross Platform
[BEST OF WIS 2017] UNION COMMUNITY Introduced, Smartphone UV Camera 'Nurugo Smart UV'
[BEST OF WORLD IT SHOW 2017] CNA, Introduced X-CAN, a Smart Wireless Rests
[WIS 2017] RF, Introduced 'Window Mate' a Self-Driving Window Cleaning Robot in WIS 2017
[WIS 2017] 'DSPOne' Introduced Battery Exchange Type Eco-friendly Electric Scooter
[WIS 2017] 'Cedar' Introduced Interactive Digital Signage
[World IT Show 2017] GPOWER Introduces Skin Barrier Measure 'gpskinbarrier'
[World IT Show 2017] Syncrown Introduces Smart App Printer Paperang
[World IT Show 2017] Coding Training Smart Toy Brand Cubroid Participated
[World IT Show 2017] Samsung Exhibits 'Galaxy S8' and 'Galaxy S8+'
[World IT Show 2017] Hyundai Shows 'IONIQ Electric'
[World IT Show 2017] Experian Korea Introduces Headphone:X and DTS Connected Radio at World IT Show 2017
[World IT Show 2017] LG Electronics Introduced 'LG Pay' at 'World IT Show 2017'
'2017 World IT Show', The Largest Domestic IT Event, Opened Its Curtain Today
'2017 World IT Show', The Largest Domestic IT Event, to Be Held on May 24th
[WIS 2017 Preview] ISPark to Launch Financial Decision Making Solution bizGATE FDMS+
[WIS 2017 Preview] "SeeMon" Smart Emergency Surveillance, Safety, Security & Communication Solution
[WIS 2017 Preview] SOLVIC to Showcases Rack Cooling Solution, Called As 'NHX Series' Which Can Use All 42U
[WIS 2017 Preview] PHI GOLF, Golf Simulation for your Smartphone, Tablet and TV
[World IT Show 2017 Preview] Zendesk Will Introduce Cloud Customer Service That Supports Multi Channel
[World IT Show 2017 Preview] eKsys Co., Ltd. Will Introduce Intelligent IoT Integrated Service Platform Based on Indoor Location
[WIS 2017 Preview] IONLABS Will Launch 'iCallie Edge/Circle', Based on Bluetooth.
[World IT Show 2017 Preview] Seoul Corporation Will Introduce U-Fix Pack, A Smartphone Waterproof Pack
[World IT Show 2017 Preview] DEVGURU Will Introduce Various Solutions Using Mobile Device
[World IT Show 2017 Preview] Goldensys Will Introduce 'Solarwinds' Product An Economical IT Management and Monitoring Solution

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