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Latest News  
CLOCK HOUSE Enters to Latin and North America with 'Ggar Ggar Nuns'
FITT Releases an Optimized Motion Solutions Treadmill and Personal Applications
Attocube Plans to Enter the Brazilian Education-Technology Market with a Smart Play Tool
Peterspantry Enters to Overseas with 'Smart Drip Server' Targeting 'Home Cafe People'
o2o, the Whole World becoming Friends Foreign Friends Matching Platform 'TriPriend'
Wikibox, Storage-Based o2o Service, Enters into US Market
Siliconers, Holds a Seminar in the Second Half of 'Micro Injection' Emerging a Promising Market
Superstringsound, Korea Traditional Music Application 'Poong-Ryu Right Now' Scheduled to Officially Release
Ultramedia Webtoon, U.S. Market Trans Media Project Run
Entereal Commercialized 'Darts-I', A Digital Dart Machine with Smart Mirror
D&P Corporation, Launches Outstanding for Children's Education, 'Augmented Reality Poster for Learning' on 25th!
Radiance Reached 61,000 Dollars of Funding Amount on Kickstarter!
Radiance Launches World's First Wireless Heated Comforter 'Radishine' Through Kickstarter
The World's Thinnest & Lightest Keyboard Returns
eCELL Electronics Unveils Its New Smart Helmet - Bluetooth, Action Cam and GPS Combined
VR Content Specialist '3D Future', Successfully Completed VR Art Performance
Mark & Draw's New Line of Aroma Diffusers: Aroma Mountain
Softseed Launches 'Good Calendar' IOS Version Hit 0.3 Million Downloads of Android Version!
A Simple Applying Solution with QR Code Scam, 'Applypoke' Released
DATAKING Receives Investment from Korea Land and Geospatial InformatiX Corporation 'BideoMap.com' 2.0 New Version Release!
Orientypes Launched 'Chinese Zodiac Tattoo Sticker' at Kick Starter
Casual Darts Game 'FINGER DART' will Launch for App Store on 14th
D&P Corporation, Released Interactive App-Book Using Augmented Reality
[Image] Learning Virtue with Augmented Reality applied 'The Lion King GABY', D&P Corporation
[Video] Shine My Artist, 'SeeSo' a Fandom Based Artist Growth Platform
Fandom-Based Video Platform 'SeeSo Music' Updates App to Support Rookie and Underground Musicians
From Basic Vocabularies To Advanced Conversations, Launches Animation Language Study Platform 'AniLingo'
SPACOSA, Signed a Supply Contract with Solu-M through a Location Cloud Platform 'Catch Loc'
SOFTSEED, Launches 'Mint T Wallet', iOS Application of Traveling Account Book
Design IT Specialized Company 'ORIENTYPES', Launches '12 Animals', an Application that Reinterprets 12-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

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