Int'l LED & OLED Expo 2017
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Latest News  
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] UNIQON, Introduced 'IoT LED Lighting Platform'
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] UI, Introduced Energy Saving Digital Time Switch
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] INFITECH, Introduced Edge Exposure Unit Applied with UV LED Light Source
[LASER EXPO 2017] WIKI OPTICS, Introduced Optical Engine Product as Wikistar Brand
[LASER EXPO 2017] HPK, Introduced Ultra-Precision Nano Convergence Processing System Based on Ultrafast Seconds Laser
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] PIMACS, Introduced Center Mirror Type Goniophotometer
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] ICEPIPE, Introduced Various New Products Including High-Power LED Bulb
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] CIL, Applied Deuterated Reagent and Carbon Monoxide Gas to OLED Industry Application Field and Exhibited
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] Opening of 'The 4th Industrial Revolution and the Future of LED'
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] Export Consultation, Concluded for USD 1.5 Million MOU
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] KOREA SEMICONDUCTOR ILLUMINATION, Exhibited Module Detachable LED Light Luminaires
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] EVERFINE, Showcased Automotive Headlight Optical Measuring Instrument which Enables Quick & Simple Measurement
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] RFsemi, Developed LED Lighting for AC Direct LED IC
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] MEAN WELL, Introduced SMPS for LED
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] Dongbu Lightec, Introduced High Heat Dissipation High Efficiency LED Non-Incendive Explosion-Proof Lamp
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] GEO Lighting, Exhibited Diffusion Lens type LED Floodlight
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] JUNGHO GROUP, Introduced Automatic Lighting Control System
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] YUYANG DNU, Convergence of Location-Based Services and Visible Light Wireless Communication
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] ETRI, Developed LED Lighting System Wired and Wireless Communication Technology
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] AnyCasting, Awarded with The Prime Minister Award of Excellent New Technology of LED
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] OSRAM, Introduced European-Inspired LED Light
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] KITECH, Developed Light Source for Transparent OLED Light
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] CAS, Introduced Temperature & Humidity Environment Durability Test System
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] Korea Photonics Technology Institute, Introduced Business Construction of LED Convergence Industry Hub
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] DANAMTECH, Exhibited Waterproof Type LED Converter
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] TECHEN, Developed LED Lighting with Silver Nano Heat Sink Chip Technology
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] GLVISION, Developed Quantum Dot Material Premium Lighting Equipment
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] NEOMARU, Introduced LED Black Box Security Lamp that Can Be Verified in Real Time
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017] TURNTO, Introduced Flexible LED
International LED & OLED EXPO and International Photonics Exhibition Integrated, "Optical Convergence Expo" Opened Its Dynamic Curtain
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017 Preview] 'EASE' to Show AFT Heat Sink Solution and Large Diameter Heat Column
[LED &OLED EXPO 2017 Preview] Dongbu Lightec, Showing up full line-up of industrial LED Lighting
[LED &OLED EXPO 2017 Preview] UNIQON Will Show the Optimal 'IoT LED Light Platform' for LED Manufactures
[LED &OLED EXPO 2017 Preview] AETP to Show 'AP-4000 Series', Atmospheric Plasma System
[LED &OLED EXPO 2017 Preview] Korea Semiconductor Illumination to Introduce Standard Modular LED Lighting Fixtures
[LASER EXPO 2017 Preview] WikiOptics Will Show Products of Laser Source with The Wikistar Brand
[LED &OLED EXPO 2017 Preview] SOLARZEN to Introduce LED Lights
[LED &OLED EXPO 2017 Preview] CTL, Will Introduce LED Package and LED Lighting Equipment
[LED &OLED EXPO 2017 Preview] PIMACS, Will Introduce Korea's First Center Mirror Type Goniophotometer
[LED & OLED EXPO 2017 Preview] MOSO KOREA, Will Introduce Glare-Reducing Lens for LED DRIVER and LED Module
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