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Latest News  
Panasonic to present its 16GB SDHC memory card
LG to present 22-inch wide LCD monitor adopting TV tuner
LG to present 47-inch full HD LCD TV
Changhong to presented 65-inch PDP TV
Aigo to introduce its credit card-thin USB memory
Hanwang to present two-in-one tablet mouse 'T&MOUSE'
Foton to present its large-sized trailer with load capacity of up to 36,000Kg
Mobile phone featuring leather case and mirror type keypad
BOE to display its 22-inch wide panel for monitor
Samsung to demonstrate touchscreen function of 'Q1 Ultra'
Samsung to display its 1.8-inch NAND flash 'SSD'
Tablet product supporing voice recognition functionality
All-in-one car navigation system with GPS, DMB, MP3, MP4 functions
Samsung to showcase its cellular phone commemorating 2000 Olympic
YADU to unveil humidifier with air purification function
Benz to display its four-door sedan 'E350'
Home network system with dimming function
SOHO network device 'MiNiMADE’ adopting 40GB hardware
LG to present its Bluetooth mobile phone 'KX256' adopting 1.3M camera
Wireless digital pen & mouse to be used on general PC
Really Sun Technology apresenta 'TRACE Board TB-815'
AIGO to present its wristwatch type fashion MP3 player
Mobile phone powered by light
Samsung to presented its handset 'Beijing 2008'
Changhong to present its 42-inch PDP TV
Samsung to present two-face music phone 'SGH-F308'
MGL to present its electric mini-bus 'MGLEV001'
AIGO to present its PMP supporting mp5
AIGO to present its 'GPS-P370' adopting 3.5-inch touchscreen
Yicheng to present its blood-sugar test device 'JPS-5'
Video presenter ‘ZP58’ adopting lighting
Aoe to present its 19-inch entertainment LCD monitor 'L196A31'
Digital satellite antenna ‘SatFlower i3’ to be used at sea
Digital satellite antenna 'Ciesta M-1000' to be used in motion
Mobile gaming device 'Cool Box' supporting camera
Tablet monitor 'TRACE Board TB-815' supporting electric blackboard functionality
UNIS to present its scanner supporting 120ppm speed
LG to present its dual-format PC drive ‘Super Multi Blue'
Samsung to present its compact color laser printer 'CLP-300'
Samsung to unveil its commemorative mobile phone ‘Beijing 2008’

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