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Latest News  
[KIMES 2017] Microlife Presents Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist Device and Products with Atrial Fibrillation
[KIMES 2017] Sungdo MC Presents Motor Fit Pro Upper & Lower Body
[KIMES 2017] Hanlim Presents Solution for Fall Prevention
[KIMES 2017] ExoAtlet Shows Medical Robot for Patient Rehabilitation
[KIMES 2017] StraTek Introduces a New Product of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator
[KIMES 2017] KOSANMEDICO Presents Various Medical Carts and External Cases
[KIMES 2017] Young Chemical Introduces Various Adhesive Bandages that can be Used from Child to Adult
[KIMES 2017] TAEDONG PRIME Introduces Various Medical Beds
[KIMES 2017] Donga-ST Presents Various Medical Devices
[KIMES 2017] Wiz Medical Exhibits Non-Surgical Medical Equipment
[KIMES 2017] Bomtech Electronics Show Various Skin Care Devices
[KIMES 2017] Cefaly Shows Brain Stimulator Efficient for Treatment of Migraines
[KIMES 2017] Meta BioMed, Presents New Product, Meta Clip
[KIMES 2017] JMTech Introduced Spinetronic 'Robot Spine Treatment System Robotic-ATT'
[KIMES 2017] IT-Based Medical Service Health Care Pioneer, UBcare
[BEST OF KIMES 2017] WonTech, A Specialized Global Company for Laser Medical Equipment, Was Selected as TOP5
[KIMES 2017] Woori Material Developed 'Open Cast' with New Material
[KIMES 2017] Fursys Introduced Its Smart Bed Called 'Prizo ICU'
[KIMES 2017] Daesung Developed The Next-Generation Phlebothrombosis Prevention Equipment 'DVT-4000S'
[KIMES 2017] InBody Develops BP170, Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor for Domestic Use
[KIMES 2017] Ecoray Presents its Digital Radiography System that Converts to X-Ray Digital Signals
[BEST OF KIMES 2017] SG Mechatronics, Selected as TOP5 with its Assistive Robot, Angelegs
[BEST OF KIMES 2017] Alpinion Medical Systems, Selected as TOP 5 with its Diagnostic Ultrasound Device
[KIMES 2017] WONTECH Develops Medical Laser Device, PICOCARE 450
[KIMES 2017] LISTEM Presents Fully Automatic Fast Image Processing ADR (Digital X-Ray Imaging Device)
[BEST OF KIMES 2017] SG Healthcare, Selected as TOP 5 for the Digital X-Ray System
[BEST OF KIMES 2017] Dong-A ST, Global Pharmaceutical Company, Selected as Best TOP 5
[KIMES 2017] BIT Computer Presents CLEMR, Cloud Based Hospital Information System
[KIMES 2017] Lutronic Invents Macular Smart Laser Treatment, R:GEN
[KIMES 2017] KJENT, Introduces Electirc Track Vehicle, a Flexible Modular Structured Transport System Based on Transport Rails
[KIMES 2017] UTB, Exhibits Its Color Doppler Ultrasound Equipment from SonoScape
[KIMES 2017] AR, Exhibits Clean Room System, Created Based on 30 Years of Experience
[KIMES 2017] SG Healthcare Presents its Digital X-Ray System, the JUMONG
[KIMES 2017] Radian Exhibits its Semi-Automated External Defibrillator with High Accuracy and Rapid Shock
[Video] '33th International Medical Device + Hospital Equipment Exhibition (KIMES 2017)' Sketch
KIMES 2017, The Largest Medical Equipment Hospital Facility Exhibition In Korea, Held at COEX
[KIMES 2017 Preview] Hygie Canada to Show New Solutions to Reduce Hospital-Acquired Infections
[KIMES 2017 Preview] OsteoSys to Show New Concept of Bone Mineral Densitometer and Body Composition Analyzer
[KIMES 2017 Preview] CEFALY Technology Will Introduce First Line Treatment For Migraine Prevention
[KIMES 2017 Preview] HIRONIC to Show Doublo and FIT Series

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