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Latest News  
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] Hyundai ENG to Show Energy-Saving High Performance Chiller
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] DB Chem and Dongbang Chemical Will Participate in KOPLAS 2017
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] Vismec Korea Will Show Dust Removing and Plastic Granule Injection Machinery
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] HANGZHOU HI-TECH FINE CHEMICAL to Show Service for Rubber and Plastic Additives
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] CRUTEC Will Showcase A New Product Line of Dust Removal Machine
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] CHEON GI INDUSTRIAL Will Introduce Quick Mold Change System
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] SCM to Show Micro Equipment and Automatic Screen Changers
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] Langgeng Jaya Introduces Recycled Plastic Products
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] MAGNA INTERNATIONAL Introduces Engineering Plastics Raw Materials, Off Grades and Scraps
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] Dae Han Electric Introduces Condensing Dehumidifier
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] Doill Ecotec Introduces WPC Compound
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] WEIMA Introduces WLK 800, 1000, 1500 and 2000
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] MHT Introduces 'Upgraded Husky's HyPET Sets'
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] KOATECH Introduces 'Underwater Grade KOAGLAS'
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] Kistler Introduces 'Industry 4.0 Products'
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] Special Coatings Korea Introduces 'Drum Coating Technology'
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] AFT Introduces 'FluClean'
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] Greiner Extrusion Introduces 'Tooling Systems and Extrusion Lines'
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] U-CAN Introduces 'Polymer Analytical Instruments and Testing Equipment'
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] Scigentec to Showcase 'CALPAS', Foreign Particle Analyzers
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] Battenfeld-Cincinnati will Introduce Various Machines for Pipe, Profile and WPC Extrusion
'24th KOPLAS 2017' Will Open Its Great Curtain on March 7th

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