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Latest News  
[BEST OF KOPLAS 2017] Injection Molding Machine Manufacturing Specialist Hyundai Injection Machinery, Selected as one of 'KOPLAS 2017' TOP 5
[BEST OF KOPLAS 2017] Plastic Injection Molding Machine Company, Woojin Plaimm, Selected as One of 'KOPLAS 2017' TOP 5
[KOPLAS 2017] FCS Demonstrates its Double Injection Molding Machine that has High Injection Speed and Energy Efficiency
[KOPLAS 2017] Plastic Injection Total Solution Company, Haitian
[KOPLAS 2017] KCS Exhibits its Thermoplastic Screw Cylinder
[KOPLAS 2017] Xiecheng, Advanced Cooling Systems and Injection Molding Machine Manufacturing Company
[BEST OF KOPLAS 2017] Mold Change Device Specialist, MICO Myoungjin, Selected as One of KOPLAS 2017 TOP 5
[BEST OF KOPLAS 2017] Hankook System, Selected as One of 'KOPLAS 2017' TOP 5 with its Dehumidifier
[KOPLAS 2017] 'cuTex Taewoo Co., Ltd.' Displayed Automatic Cutter with Quick Maintenance System
[KOPLAS 2017] BOLE KOREA Displays Injection Molding Machine Including 600 Ton
[KOPLAS 2017] WWRC to Present Formosa Carbon Fiber from Taiwan
[KOPLAS 2017] KMI MATSUI Introduces Integrated Transport Dehumidifier
[KOPLAS 2017] Plastic Hot Air Welding Machine 'Hit On'
[KOPLAS 2017] WINTEC Introduces Fast and Efficient Injection Molding Machine
[KOPLAS 2017] 'Coad' to Introduce Automatic Repair Type of Automatic Door
[KOPLAS 2017] HNP Presents its Dehumidification Dryer, X DRYER
[KOPLAS 2017] Woojin Plaimm Exhibits 15 Kinds of Products Including Plastic Injection Molding Machine
[KOPLAS 2017] Yuil System Presents its Smart Factory Applied Auto Feeding System
[KOPLAS 2017] Daehan Electric Co. Shows PET Precision Dehumidifier
[KOPLAS 2017] Hanse Shows ALL SERVO Take-Out Robots Series
[KOPLAS 2017] Korea NAC Co. to Present High-Density Polyethylene for General Purpose Plastics
[KOPLAS 2017] 'JSK UWA Hybrid Injection Molding Machine' Upgraded to Suit Injection Environment in Korea
[KOPLAS 2017] Haida Korea Exhibits High-Performance X Series for High-Speed Injection
[KOPLAS 2017] LS Mtron Introduces Various Injection Related Equipment from Electric Injection Molding Machine to Premium Injection Molding Machine
[KOPLAS 2017] DB Chem Presents its High Value Added Functional Masterbatch
[KOPLAS 2017] Hyundai Injection Machinery Exhibits Various Injection Machinery and Related Systems
[KOPLAS 2017] ARBURG, Germany's Global Plastic Processing Equipment Manufacturing Company
[KOPLAS 2017] Crutec Presents 'DustZero' that Removes More Than 97% of Fine Particles and Dust
[KOPLAS 2017] Clean Cool, a System for Improving Air Conditions on Industrial Sites
[KOPLAS 2017] Chalgomu Shows High-Functional Silicone Keypad
[KOPLAS 2017] MICO Myoungjin Introduces Auto Clamp with Built-In Valve
[KOPLAS 2017] SM Platek Introduces Twin Screw Extruder for Engineering Plastics
[KOPLAS 2017] Hankook System, Providing Total Plastic Molding Solution
[KOPLAS 2017] Daesung Chemical Introduces Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic Silicone Materials
[Video] The Fastest Plastic and Rubber Industrial Equipment in One Place, 'KOPLAS 2017' Sketch
'KOPLAS 2017', '24th International Plastic Rubber Industry Exhibition', Together with Pre-mold and Air Conditioning, Will Be Held Together with 1100 Companies!
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] Croda Will Showcase Its New Range of Anti-Ccratch Additives
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] ARBURG to Introduce Hybrid and Electric Injection Moulding Machines
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] Hyundai ENG to Show Energy-Saving High Performance Chiller
[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] DB Chem and Dongbang Chemical Will Participate in KOPLAS 2017
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