MWC 2017
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Latest News  
[BEST OF MIK at MWC] SBSYSTEMS Selected as TOP5 with its Smart IoT Solutions for Military Forces Management
[BEST OF MIK at MWC] Refit Cam, Home Health Camera by Solmitech, Selected as TOP5
[BEST OF MIK at MWC] Hongbog's Iris Recognition 'UEyeD MobileSSP', Selected as TOP 5
[BEST OF MIK at MWC] Predicting Female Ovulation through Saliva, O'view, Selected as TOP 5
[BEST OF MWC 2017] Ericsson, '5G-Based Product', Selected as MWC 2017 TOP 5
[MWC 2017] GSMA Congratulates Winners of the 2017 Global Mobile Awards
[MWC 2017] Gyeongju Smart Media Center Presented Realistic Media Authoring Tool
[MWC 2017] K-ICT Device Lab Supports Global Marketing and Foreign Investment for Domestic Promising Companies
[MWC 2017] KT CEO Chang-Gyu Hwang Announces the World's First 5G Commercialization by 2019
[BEST OF MWC 2017] Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Selected as MWC 2017 TOP 5
[MWC 2017] Smart Wellness Confirms CUBROID's Potential to Advance into Europe
[MWC 2017] PiQuant, Received Credit for the Possibility of 'Pi', a Component Analysis Scanner, and was Selected As an Excellent Company at 4YFN
[MWC 2017] HAJAE Exhibited a Delivery Sharing Application
[MWC 2017] 'moreMat', A Smart Yoga Mat that Utilizes Real-Time Data and Coaching Solutions
[MWC 2017] Real Encounter Awareness Social Media Platform 'Fleet', Find Foreign Investors and Users
[MWC 2017] Social Media Platform 'Scootch' Which Traces Your Location on A Map Is Laying Foundations for Overseas Expansion
[MWC 2017] Samtree Presents Watch Face 'Sam Watch', Used for Samsung Gear
[MWC 2017] Making Your Own Figure with 3D Printing, Navy 'Selfie Toy'
[MWC 2017] Musuma Plans to Enter The Global Market with Mobile Video Shooting App 'GOLIVE'
[MWC 2017] Differentiated P2P Financial Platform 'FUNDED'
[MWC 2017] 39 °C to Present 'LILAY' That Everyone Can Easily Broadcast Live
16 Domestic Start-Ups Participated in The 4YFN As A Joint Venture of 'Smart Venture Institute'
[MWC 2017] New Platform 'Tortoise' Connects Personal Activities with Savings
[MWC 2017] Goodwill Hunting Presents 'Falling' Mobile Gift App
[MWC 2017] Circulus to Present a Personal Intelligent Robot Communicating with Users, 'piBo'.
[MWC 2017] 'Colored Chinese' Takes Care of Difficult Chinese Intonation, Color Project
[MWC 2017] Favorie Presents Time Management Application 'AT' That Manages Time with Graphs
[MWC 2017 Preview] Dong-A University's Media Device Research Center to Support MWC Participation for 3 Smart Public Sector Companies
[MWC 2017 Preview] Chahoo to Show Wearable Platform for Elderly People and Patients with Alzheimer's Disease
[MWC 2017 Preview] MCell to Show Smart Apparel with Special Surface Treatment technology
[MWC 2017 Preview] Ciel Introduces Location-Based Shuttle Bus Solution 'Hello Bus'
[Preview MWC 2017] RF to Exhibit 'RF' Window-Cleaning Robot
[MWC 2017 Preview] VR Carver to Show VR Sports Interactive Simulator
[MWC 2017 Preview] GOQUAL to Exhibit IoT Based Smart Lighting Switch and Plug
[MWC 2017 Preview] X-Engineering will Launch 'Spend Wallet', a Smart Wallet with High Compatibility
[MWC 2017 Preview] PIUM LABS Plans to Launch 'Smart Diffuser', a Service that Recommends and Provides Customized Fragrances
[MWC 2017 Preview] Delivery Service That Connects Ubber with Airbnb SongSong
[MWC 2017 Preview] Jongro Medical Tech, About to display 'Smart Ovulation Test O'View'
[MWC 2017 Preview] JJ Tech, Expected to Display 'Grime 4D Digital Pen' Which Is The IoT Convergence Contents for The Kids
[MWC 2017 Preview] 'Wonderful Platform', About to Introduce The Messenger Including AI, 'Chatbot'
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