China Hi-Tech Fair 2016
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Latest News  
[2016 China Hi-Tech Fair] SCG Introduced Traffic Accidents–Preventing Parking Monitor System, 'Smart Parking Pole'
[2016 China Hi-Tech Fair] 'Bounce Ninano' Mobile Game Showcase held by Guangzhou Smart Contents Developer Cooperation
[2016 China Hi-Tech Fair] Korea Electronic Technology Introduced Slim-Sized High Capacity Aid-Battery for Smartphone…"Secured Contract with Chinese Major Distribution Company
[2016 China Hi-Tech Fair] Evain Introduces Filtering Service for Spam Calls Named 'Moya Calling' That Is Used by Ten Million Smartphone Users
"THE 18th China Hi-Tech Fair(CHTF)" Opened Its Great Curtain at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center
[2016 China Hi-Tech Fair] Hogreen Showcases Customized Agricultural Drone Software…"Spraying Pesticide with Smartphone Touch"
[2016 China Hi-Tech Faiir] Onepunch Soft Aiming To Develop a Cute, Casual Mobile Game 'Uzzuzzu'
2016 China Hi-Tech Fair] Edutem Showcased Smart-Pen Linked Mobile Educational System Called 'Ssam Tong'…"Participating In This Fair to Target Chinese Market That Has Educational Fever"
[2016 China Hi-Tech Fair] SSang Yong Software / ML Information Technology, Mobile Security Software 'Magic Keyboard'… "Planning to Advance in Africa, Argentina, and Thailand"
[China Hi-Tech Fair Video] Battery Development Corporation for Future Transportation System, VME Korea
[China Hi-Tech Fair Video] Robotron, Aims at Chinese Market with Self-Assembly Type Robot Toy
[China Hi-Tech Fair Video] Neopop Released LED Dog Tags to Prevent from Losing Dogs
[China Hi-Tech Fair Video] SmartcityGrid, indoor air analyzing System 'Smart Air'
[China Hi-Tech Fair Video] Minirobot's AI Humanoid robot fish (Rf-05ST)
[China Hi-Tech Fair Video] 4STEC, Smart RFID v1.0/Smart IoT v1.0

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